China surveillance technology spreads to Australia

Submitted by Freedomman on Wed, 05/22/2019 - 19:52

DARWIN, Australia (PNN) - May 1, 2019 - The city of Darwin in Australia is preparing to integrate with Chinese surveillance technology that powers its social credit system. “Virtual fences” will alert authorities to “unauthorized activity”.

The technology is based on systems being used in Shenzhen, China, where the social credit score is tracking Chinese citizens.

The system will be powered by artificial intelligence tracking movements of individuals.

In Darwin, they’ve already constructed poles, fitted with speakers, cameras and Wi-Fi to monitor people, their movements around the city, the websites they visit, and what apps they use. The monitoring will be done mainly by artificial intelligence, but will alert authorities based on set triggers.

Just as in China, the surveillance system is being branded as a “smart city” program, and while Australian officials claim its operations are benign, they’ve announced it functions to monitor cell phone activity and “virtual fences” that will trigger alerts if people cross them.

This is happening as free speech is being crushed. CBS news recently promoted the idea that the Fascist Police States of Amerika should look to countries like Australia for a model for “regulating speech”.

Under the backdrop of “Russian meddling” and “fake news” narratives there is an expectation among tech elites and globalists that Internet regulation and law in the West will yield to the Chinese model of cyberspace.

Australia is assimilating to the Chinese borg, and so will the rest of the globe if Amerika does not hold its ground against globalist forces.