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About Political Revolution | Revolution Now!

About Political Revolution

Throughout world history there have been revolutions to overthrow and replace a variety of governments. At Revolution Now! we focus on revolutions to put down tyranny and oppression and raise up freedom and respect for God-given rights.

The French Revolution, American Revolution, American Indian wars, even the Bolshevik Revolution were all about overthrowing a tyranny (in the case of the American Indian, it was about preserving their way of life in the face of the white man's terror).

Even though the Bolsheviks installed another form of tyranny to replace the one against which they warred, theirs was nevertheless a struggle against the two-class system of oppression imposed on the Russian people by the czarist regimes.

The French and American Revolutions sought to staunch the tyranny and oppression that had risen up in their countries. In each case, enough of the people had reached their respective limits as to how much abuse they were willing to take. Sometimes that is what is required; that people have their "tolerance lines" crossed; that they say, "Enough is enough! We are unwilling to take any more abuse of our rights!"

The American Indians fought bloody and violent wars with the white men, who had simply decided that they were more civilized than the Native Americans and so they were somehow entitled to their land and its fruit, while the Amerinds were relegated to reservations and what scraps of benefits the United States government deigned to throw in their direction. The Amerind cause, while not victorious, was nonetheless a revolution against oppression and tyranny.

Thomas Jefferson wrote of his belief that Americans should have a Revolution every 20-25 years, just to keep in practice! Jefferson believed that going too long without a fight against oppression would result in the American people becoming docile and passive; they would forget the reasons for which their ancestors fought and died in the first place. Unfortunately, Jefferson's words have proven all too true.

We call upon all freedom-loving Americans to rise up and Revolt against the tyrannies that are the United States and corporate State governments. Individual natural rights are regularly disregarded by governments that see themselves as the highest laws in the land - greater than God. It is long past time to abolish the usurpers and restore a constitutional government that bases its laws on the principles enshrined in the Declaration of Independence.

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