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About Individual Revolution | Revolution Now!

About Individual Revolution

What can I as an individual do against the might and terror of the government?

This is the question all good patriots ask at one time or another.

How can I make a difference?

At Revolution Now! we provide answers to that question.

We show you what others have done to make their individual contributions to the resistance movement. We give you formulae, designs, and recipes that you can use in your individual fight for the right to live your life as you see fit, without harming your neighbors or brethren.

Americans are historically some of the most inventive and ingenious people on earth. When focused on a goal, they inevitably develop methods of achieving it. In this case, the goal is nothing less than the full restoration of our rights to life, liberty and property.

We invite you to share with us and thereby the world, your ideas for devices, mechanisms, strategies and plans to reclaim America as the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave. We will post your ideas so that others may use or possibly add to or otherwise revise them.

The modern American Revolution will be fought as a guerrilla war. It will not be won by force of arms and numbers of troops. It will be won through stealth and intelligence. It will not be fought by a gathered army of Revolutionaries standing across a field from enemy soldiers and exchanging fire until only one side's soldiers remain standing.

The New American Revolution will be fought by finesse. As Samuel Adams wrote, it will be fought by lighting small brushfires in the minds of men and women. This war will be waged on the psychological battlefield, where the intelligence of Patriotic Americans far surpasses the mindlessness of those who work for government bureaucracies.

We are smarter than they are. We can win this war if we only use the gifts God has given each of us. We can and will out-think those who would subvert our rights to their own purposes.

Victory will be achieved when enough individuals take a stand... for those who stand true to the convictions that Truth and Justice and Freedom are Eternal Celestial Gifts can never be defeated.

Revolution Now!  Independence Forever!