Thomas Paine on Town Hall Meetings

Submitted by Freedomman on Wed, 08/19/2009 - 12:26

Thomas Paine gives an inspiring presentation on how the American people are fed up with government intrusion into their lives. This is how we stoke the fires of resistance!

Revolution Now! Independence Forever!

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Elderly Alzheimer’s patient body slammed by idiot thug cop! Warning! Adult language!

Submitted by Freedomman on Wed, 08/19/2009 - 12:25

A helpless and confused Alzheimer patient walking through a Walmart parking lot with a steak knife while looking for her daughter was assaulted without good reason by a thug cop who lacked the intelligence to simply disarm the woman. Instead this criminal with a badge body slammed the octogenarian, who subsequently required hospitalization.

When is enough, enough?
Revolution Now! Independence Forever!

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RFID tags in passports and driver licenses can be easily cloned and tracked!

Submitted by Freedomman on Wed, 08/19/2009 - 12:24

Hacker Chris Padgett drives around San Francisco cloning the passport RFID tags of random citizens in order to show how it can be done. He explains how easily individual’s can be tracked through the RFID tags they carry on passports and driver licenses. This video exemplifies the Orwellian nature of this technology. We recommend you get yourself some kind of RFID blockers.

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Do not go to!

Submitted by Freedomman on Wed, 08/19/2009 - 12:23

In what can only be described as an overt act of government tyranny, the United States has set up a web site to encourage you to sell your old cars. However, when you agree to do so you also give ownership and absolute control of not only your computer system, but everything with which your computer system comes in contact! In effect, the federal government owns you if you register with this web site.

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Ted Nugent on the Second Amendment

Submitted by Freedomman on Wed, 08/05/2009 - 14:48

Long time freedom fighter Ted Nugent speaks brilliantly about the unalienable God-given right to defend our lives and freedom. WARNING: Contains adult language.

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Music Video: Poker Face calling for a Revolution!

Submitted by Freedomman on Wed, 08/05/2009 - 14:47
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The Revolution is Coming!

Submitted by Freedomman on Wed, 08/05/2009 - 14:46

Dr. James David Manning eloquently speaks about how Obama is spiritually and economically murdering our country, and how he needs to be removed from office. He correctly expounds on how God’s gifts to America have been disregarded. He declares himself ready to stand with all people - white and black alike - and mount a Revolution against lies and inustice. All who love justice and truth will enjoy this rousing call to action!

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U.S. Army vehicles spotted on I-35 in Texas!

Submitted by Freedomman on Wed, 08/05/2009 - 14:44

This video shows a flatbed trailer ferrying two black SUV Suburbans with Dept. of Defense logos on them (described as Fifth Army, HHC CSRD). The video was shot on I-35 between San Marcos and Austin, Texas. The transport of these heavily equipped vehicles occurred a month before NLE 09, the FEMA exercise that kicks off this week. Is it possible these vehicles are related to the exercise aimed at confronting “domestic terrorists,” defined by the DHS as “rightwing extremists”? What about the federal law prohibiting the use of military equipment and personnel in civilian areas?

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American Gestapo chief tasers 14-year-old epileptic girl for disobeying his orders!

Submitted by Freedomman on Thu, 07/16/2009 - 12:06

This kind of atrocity has got to be stopped! This fascist bastard police chief admits that he tasered a 14-year old epileptic girl because she did not obey his orders! Call City Manager Bobbeye Rose at 575-461-3451 and the Tucumcari (New Mexico) Police Department at 575-461-2160 and LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD! When is enough, enough? Revolution Now! Independence Forever!

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How to create a bag garden

Submitted by Freedomman on Tue, 07/07/2009 - 13:53

Here is some information on how to create bag gardens if you have limited space.

The video shows children demonstrating how easily these gardens are assembled.

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