Beyond Their Purview

Submitted by Freedomman on Wed, 08/01/2012 - 16:57

by Brent Johnson

The united States of America was established as a vision for people everywhere, to provide much more for each individual than any other country ever had. It was to be a place where individuals are recognized to have natural rights… rights that come not from any government, but rather from a more powerful source.

This vision, or rather the ideas that sparked it, started out as a truly radical concept. The very idea that there existed any power greater than that of the king, well, it was simply ridiculous! Absurd! The king ruled by Divine Right and had done so for countless centuries. The very suggestion that there was a greater power than the king was tantamount to treason.

Yet, that is precisely the principle on which our constitutional Republic was established. There are higher laws than the laws of the king or the State. Our rights do originate from the source of those higher laws. Therefore, no government of either the United States or any of the Union states can ever dictate the appropriate application or use of individual rights. Such has been forever placed beyond their purview.

Unfortunately, the political pundits of our time seem to want the united States of America to be just like every other place on the earth. Am I missing something, or is that a giant step backward?

The American Republic was set up as a beacon for the rest of the world; of the possibilities inherent in a society in which each individual knows that he gets to keep the fruit of his labor, that the harder he works the more wealth he possesses. It is a system that encourages freedom and property ownership. It is a free-market system that functions very effectively. It is a society that lives in peace with the rest of the world.

It is also an environment that defeats the enticing, Siren-like calls of Socialism and Communism, and obstructs the efforts of the international bankers - the moneychangers of today - to exert control over all people by the manipulation of wealth through finance.

For this reason above all others, the so-called “leaders” of the world (actually, in the uSA we have no leaders… only public servants), in conjunction with the banking families, have diligently resisted, through overt and covert action, media propaganda, and political game playing, the successful implementation of the principles enshrined forever in our Declaration of Independence.

Planned Obsolescence

I have often complained about how equipment and material never seem to last; that today’s quality of workmanship appears to be so poor. A colleague once told me that it was all planned obsolescence, meaning that equipment was designed to work only for so long, then to break down. This ensures that the customer will have to purchase the newest version of whatever piece of equipment failed.

My reply has always been, “That’s not fair!”, and it most certainly isn’t.

However, that is precisely what is going on today with respect to government administration, globalization, and the breaking down of national boundaries.

Homogenizing Mankind

Those whose objective it is to control the entire world’s people and resources, want nothing more than to have the American Ideal reduced to the socialistic principle of parity for all nations. They would suggest that the largesse that every American has earned should be shared with the rest of the world, because that is the generous, kind, right thing to do. In the name of equality, the international globalist community would have America lose the very unique thing that defines her: that each individual can rise as high as he (or she) is willing to work.

Speak with a physical therapist sometime. He’ll tell you that there comes a time in each patient’s rehabilitation when he must set aside the crutches and walk on his own two legs. Otherwise the patient will develop a need for the crutches, even after he is fully recovered physically.

The same principle can be applied universally. If non-Americans are given the fruit of the labor of the American people, then they (non-Americans) have no incentive to work for a better life, and so their ability to work atrophies. That is the true object of socialism: to make all people dependent on the State for their survival.

Come out of the Matrix! Really look at and see what is going on around you!

Since September 11th, 2001, Americans have been subjected to Executive Branch authority run wild. President Bush spoke and now illegitimate President Obama constantly speaks of the “War on Terror” but there is no war! Congress has not declared war, so we are not at war! Under fabricated and non-existent “war powers”, the Bush and Obama regimes have overtly rebuked Congress and stated that they would not be subject to outside investigations of their behavior! Talk about a declared dictatorship!

Meanwhile, the propaganda machine tells everyone that the president’s behavior is legitimate. Remember, Hitler enjoyed mass support from the German people. Fascism has a perverse appeal to the masses.

The Higher Law

The only solution is for the American people to return to the Higher Law from which their rights originate. It is the Higher Law - the Law of the Creator - that will save you from the oppressiveness of the government, if you even want to be saved.

If you stand for Truth and Freedom and Justice, which are bequeathed to all Americans by their Creator (how many of you were created by the government?), then you will indeed remain standing when the metaphorical dust has settled.

We need people like you to stand up and resist government efforts to regulate and control every facet of life, especially now, when the government reportedly enjoys such popular support. Remember that the free exercise of your unalienable, Creator-endowed rights is forever beyond their purview. Government never has any authority to dictate to you how you shall exercise your rights to life, liberty, property ownership, and the pursuit of happiness.

But you need to stand up and resist, or the fact that you have rights becomes unimportant. If you will not defend your rights from attack, then they are worthless to you. If you will not defend your brother’s or sister’s rights from attack, then you are not deserving of your own rights in the first place.

Stand against government whenever government attempts to attack your rights. Defend your rights and those of your fellow Americans assiduously and without rest. Pray to the Creator of All that you will stand true and courageous during this and the coming battles. And never give up hope, for the fruit of victory springs from the seeds of hope.

Stay the Course! Let Freedom Ring True Forever!