Homosexual Marriage

Submitted by Freedomman on Wed, 06/13/2012 - 18:55

By Brent Johnson

America was founded on scriptural law. Scripture defines marriage as a covenant between a man, a woman, and God. It is this definition that helps define the parameters of this debate. If you believe in the Word, then you must accept the scriptural definition of marriage, which is the joining of a man and a woman.

Additionally, scripture clearly tell us that homosexuality is wrong. This is not a personal judgment but rather recognition of the Word of God. Again, if you believe in the Word, then there can be no argument on this point. If you do not believe in the Word, then you are part of a very small minority of Americans and your wishes should not override the wishes of the vast majority.

Homosexual rights activists are crying out for equal treatment under the law. Yet, it seems to me that often what they are really seeking are the benefits that government programs associate with marriage rather than the sanctity of the union. These represent two different aspects of the question.

Firstly, if the benefits of marriage were all that mattered, then the government could simply pass legislation to provide “domestic partners” with similar benefits, and that would solve the problem. There would be no need to conduct “homosexual marriage ceremonies” because the benefits sought by homosexual activists could be obtained otherwise. As an additional result, those people who are offended by efforts to establish laws allowing for homosexual marriage would have their issues properly addressed.

However, there are also people who want to completely redefine the institution of marriage. For these activists, obtaining government benefits is not sufficient. They will not settle for anything less than the complete undermining of the scriptural institution of marriage. That is wrong and must be resisted as long as necessary. It represents a direct attack on the Amerckan way of life. There are places on this planet where homosexuals can get married. But to import such un-American programs into our country goes against everything our Founding Fathers fought and died to establish for us.

If we do not take steps to protect our most sacred institutions, then America herself is lost, and it is not worth fighting or dying for her. Our Republic is nothing without her foundational principles. People all over the world ridicule and deride Americans for not having any standards or principles except to make money. If we allow marriage to be redefined by a tiny minority of homosexual activists, then we are verifying that our poor worldwide reputation is actually well deserved.

Ed. Note: The word "gay" means light and cheery. I see no reason to pander to those who would ascribe new meanings to established words. If you are unwilling to use the word "homosexual" then you have no business lobbying on behalf of its proponents.