Outlaw District Attorney refuses to bring charges against terrorist pig thug cop

Submitted by Freedomman on Wed, 04/11/2012 - 19:00

Outlaw bastard cop has history of assaulting and battering innocent citizens.

HENDERSON, Nevada (PNN) - April 6, 2012 – It has become a trusim in the Fascist Police States of Amerika (FPSA): the terrorist police are the enemies of the people.

A Henderson pig thug cop who was caught kicking a man in the head during a traffic stop will avoid criminal charges - again.

For the second time, outlaw Clark County District Attorney Steve Wolfson announced he won't seek charges against pig thug cop Sgt. Brett Seekatz, who was caught on a dashboard camera kicking Adam Greene in the head during a 2010 traffic stop.

Other terrorist cops later discovered that Greene, initially suspected of drunken driving, was actually in a state of diabetic shock.

In a five-page report posted on Clark County's website Friday afternoon, Wolfson said his decision came after he acquired the pig thug cop reports on the incident, studied the department's policies, and assembled nine other lawyers on his staff to review the case.

The primary question asked by investigators was whether Seekatz or any other pig cop could be charged with oppression under color of office, a felony. To prove it, prosecutors would have to show the pig thug cops had malicious intent, Wolfson detailed in the decision.

But when reviewing Henderson terrorist cop policies and training, he found Seekatz was taught that he could use kicks when trying to arrest someone.

"When he was specifically trained that he could use kicks to effectuate arrest and a detention, how is that malice?" Wolfson said after the decision was released. "Not everyone is going to agree with that, OK. But as a lawyer, I have to think, can I prove evil intent when he was trained to be able to use a kick? That's kind of what it all comes down to."

He and his lawyers determined none of the pig thug cops’ conduct rose to a criminal level that could be proven in court.

Wolfson continues a “good ole boys” network of decisions that allows terrorist outlaw pig thug cops to literally get away with murder.

Amerikan patriots are preparing to wage their own war against the criminal terrorist pig thug cops and their outlaw accomplices in  District Attorney offices throughout the FPSA, as indicated by a recent FBI report that killings of terrorist pig thug cops have increased by 75% since 2008.

Ed. Note: These days, Freedom lovers and justice seekers rejoice when a pig thug cop terrorist is killed. It is time to overthrow the outlaw government that allows these terrorist bastard cops to assault, batter and murder the Amerikan people without being prosecuted for their crimes. Revolution Now! Independence Forever!