Gestapo thugs pepper spray 84-year-old woman

Submitted by Freedomman on Wed, 11/23/2011 - 20:26

SEATTLE, Washington (PNN) - November 16, 2011 - As much of the national press focused on protestors’ return to Zuccotti Park after their forcible eviction, crackdowns took place on “Occupy” protests nationwide late Tuesday.

During a crackdown on Occupy Seattle, an 84-year-old woman and a pregnant 19-year-old girl were among those attacked by pig thug cops wielding pepper spray, according to reports.

“Something funny happened on my way to a transportation meeting in Northgate,” said Dorli Rainey, the octogenarian who said she was nearly trampled after pig thug cops became violent. “As I got off the bus at 3rd and Pine I heard helicopters above. Knowing that the problems of New York would certainly precipitate action by Occupy Seattle, I thought I’d better check it out.”

She added, “Well free speech does have its limits, as I found out (when) the cops shoved their bicycles into the crowd and simultaneously pepper sprayed the protestors. If it had not been for my Hero (Iraq Vet Caleb), I would have been down on the ground and trampled. This is what (freedom) looks like. It certainly left an impression on the people who rode the bus home with me. In the women’s movement there were signs (that) said, ‘Screw us and we multiply.’”

The protests were formed in downtown Seattle in solidarity with “Occupy Wall Street” after Tuesday evening’s raid by authorities. Pig thug cops claim they gave warnings to protestors for blocking streets during rush hour, but protestors say the pig thug cops acted aggressively.