Commentary: The Fourth of July

Submitted by Freedomman on Wed, 07/06/2011 - 14:21

by Dennis Grover, American, in Independence

RENO, Nevada - July 4, 2011 - I live my life fully engulfed in joy. I live it that way because I created it that way and cannot imagine anything different. It is the Fourth of July, “Independence Day” and I have to ask; independent from what?

On this holiday I received more emails than usual exclaiming various degrees of ecstatic joy. Nevertheless, however I viewed one patriotic video with a variety of pictures of soldiers, Washington D.C. monuments and other familiar national treasures, it brought tears to my eyes, not because of the patriotic words and scenery, but because of what realities now lay behind them.

The pictures of the soldiers reminded me of the inhumane use of American humanity with honorable beliefs and intentions, willing to give their lives, not realizing that they are there in a war situation for the profit of major corporations and bankers.

My attention was diverted to a very dramatic picture of our flag waving gloriously in the wind with a backdrop of chemtrails in the sky.

Next is a stunning picture of the Washington monument, but for the knowledge that there are two identical towers in the City of London and the Vatican signifying the power structure of various people dominating secret societies; and of course the ever present bankers.

Watching the festivities of a family and friends Bar-B-Q brings to mind the synthetic hormones, vaccinations and questionable feed in the meat, and the mouth-watering appearance of genetically modified vegetables.

Watching a televised parade tugged a bit at my heartstrings until I focused on the crowd on the streets. There stood little youth but hundreds of Americans up in their years. These senior people used to be our wise elders but today they are in a pharmaceutical stupor with their heads lowered.

I don’t relate my observations to point out the negatives in our country. I pass this on to emphasize the importance to us who are still awake, to create a real Independence Day. The only enemy of those wannabe controllers who maliciously spread their road apples and meadow muffins in our paths is you becoming responsible and celebrating your own personal independence.

What date could be more fitting than today to open your own independent exhibit and be happy?

Pay attention; God is Blessing America!