The Power of Fear

Submitted by Freedomman on Thu, 03/03/2011 - 16:04

All tyrannies, regardless of their origins, use fear to maintain their power bases.

The worst tyrannical powers have used fear to maintain order and insure that the people comply with their demands: Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Mussolini and  Mao are just a few examples. Fear has also been used by “benevolent” groups such as religious organizations to maintain control, but I will save that discussion for another time.

Most of the time, fear is used to control people in covert, unrelenting and all- consuming ways. People are trained to act in certain ways because they fear speaking out against anyone and anything. History is filled with examples: horror stories about the results of speaking out against Hitler, Lenin and Stalin.

Americans pridefully claim they are the freest People on the face of the earth. They reject any suggestion that they are controlled by their local, state and federal governments. Believing they can replace unwanted politicians through supposedly free  elections, Americans are in denial as to the reality of politics today, that is, how the government uses fear to keep politicians who support its policies in office.

For example, in the march to justification for the invasion of Iran, the rhetoric, pictures and methods are similar to what we saw prior to the invasion of Iraq. Little is heard from dissenters. Speaking out against this newest incursion is either disallowed or just not expressed by the media or political insiders. Why not? Because people are afraid.

Politicians promise us an end to the War on Terror and War on Drugs (neither of which is a war), safety from the Bird Flu Pandemic (which is not a threat), and a variety of other things in order to allay the fears that they promote. Instead of speaking out against these tactics, both incumbents and candidates foment more fear throughout their campaigns, promising that only they can make your lives safe.

Fear is used as a means to manipulate and control the general population of the United States, just like Mao and Hitler used fear to control their respective citizens. One major difference between these and the current regime: Mao and Hitler used the threat of death against those who failed to comply. However, in America, the threat of fines and jail are enough to instill terror in the hearts of most people. Because the threat of death is not used in America (at least, not yet), many people do not recognize the terror under which they live.

Just because most Americans do not understand how fear is used to control them, does not mean they are beyond the effects of the process. Look around at how every day people comply in order to escape threats of government reprisals. People pay a non-constitutional income tax for fear of being sent to jail if they do not comply. They pay any and every fine imaginable so they do not have to battle a constant incursion of government into their lives. People are afraid to speak out against the government because they fear being identified as a resistor or terrorist.

Every day, I learn of new regulations, requirements and controls placed on the American people. I hear about more people complying rather than facing the consequences of demanding that their government adhere to the Constitution and Bill of Rights. I see clear evidence that fear is being used by the government to ensure popular compliance.

The threat of government reprisals is only one aspect of this fear machine. Fear is packaged into every service, product and possible outcome of life. In other words, if the government doesn’t get to you with its propaganda, information about high blood pressure, burglars, old age or diabetes will. As far as government is concerned, you were born incapable of taking care of yourself and you should just let the government take care of you, because life is dangerous!

Every moment, fear is spoon-fed to Americans through the “mass” media - media for the masses.

Yet, the public drinks in all the fear - the endless list of impending crises, threats to health and security - like addicts drink alcohol or take drugs. Every American needs his or her regular dose of fear to maintain the illusion that he or she is incapable of taking care of him/herself. Unfortunately, most people buy into the lies, believe the propaganda,  and live in fear of whatever boogeyman is currently being foisted upon them.

Is there any way to escape this barrage of fear and tyranny? No, there is not. It is all around you … in everything you eat, drink and breathe. It is in everything you see and hear. Get used to it. It isn’t of your making but it is everywhere, like the waters in which fish swim.

Unfortunately, my experience tells me that most of you will continue to drink this potion of poisonous lies and comply, thereby supporting the status quo.

If that is what you choose to do, then you agree with those who would control you that you are unable and unwilling to face the truth and end the cycle of terror and oppression in which you live.

Your choice is to either succumb to terror-fear tactics or break free of mass programming, turn off your television, cancel your newspaper subscription, take your children out of public school-indoctrination center, and stop going to government-approved churches.

You CAN do these things, but the question remains… will you?