Pearl Harbor Remembered

Submitted by Freedomman on Wed, 12/08/2010 - 15:35

I tried watching the news this morning, and nary a word was said about this being Dec. 7--- Pearl Harbor Day... zero, zip, nada...and now I hear the kiddos say they are not taught that World War II was ever fought, nor Korea, nor Nam... a few sparse words about World War I, maybe... but, plenty of stuff on how Johnny has two mamas, and more ruinous to the country teachings, but nothing on how it actually faced adversity time after time and still pulled through...this is disgusting.

Here you  go... some Pearl Harbor stuff for your kiddos and grandkiddos that are perhaps still enrolled in the government schools and will never ever hear about the treachery that befell this country before in December of 1942. They will perhaps need to know how to recognize such treachery, but from within this time, and shortly.

I had four uncles involved in that World War: two U.S. Army, one U.S. Navy, and one a Spitfire pilot for the RAF... three came back.  I remember those three quite vividly. The fourth I never knew.

It would seem that since 9/11, we are not supposed to realize how great this country was, and still is. We are supposed to believe all this whoop-la about how a bunch of cave men are bringing this country down to its knees, we cannot defend our borders, and that we must all allow our wives and children to be sexually molested by the TSA perverts and SOPs (Sold Out Politicians) that drive their office.  It would seem we are supposed to drink that Kool-Aid and forget all those that died before us, in defense of our right to drink it.


I ain't forgetting a damn thing.