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Commentary: The time is long overdue to punish scamdemic perpetrators | Revolution Now!

Commentary: The time is long overdue to punish scamdemic perpetrators

Submitted by Freedomman on Thu, 09/01/2022 - 10:30

Frontline doctor warns that government, Pharma and media have destroyed lives.

By Joel S. Hirschhorn

August 24, 2022 - We have been living through the crime of the century; actually several centuries. It is the COVID pandemic. Totally mismanaged because of evil behavior, greed and incompetence.

Despite what seems like an infinite amount of medical data proving how corrupt and dangerous are the many actions of government agencies and the whole medical and public health establishment, something is missing. I call it pandemic justice.

What all of us who see reality want is to not let all the evil and corrupt people get away with killing and harming millions of people worldwide.

This is how I see pandemic justice.

But first I want to emphasize that although I and other truth-tellers have continued to provide key medical data on, in particular, the many ways that COVID vaccines/boosters provide far more health risks than benefits, we are up against a collusion of Leftist media and government agencies that control the information flow to most of the public. They are masters of propaganda.

Despite various protocols based on generic medicines, vitamins and supplements that clearly are safe and effective in preventing and curing COVID, the vaccine movement is still strong. The pandemic could have been stopped early on simply by promoting wide use of high doses of vitamin D. The science was there. But science has not been a priority of the pandemic powers. 

We need the truth movement to demand pandemic justice. Simply put this means demanding criminal prosecution of the great many evil people, such as Dr. Anthony Fauci and all the top officials of Center for Disease Control, Food and Drug Administration, and National Institute of Health and public health agencies who intentionally forced unsafe, ineffective, and useless actions that have ruined lives and democratic government.

CDC changed the definition of vaccine to allow gene therapy drugs to be called vaccines.

Prosecution should be along the lines of criminally negligent homicide. Grand juries must be initiated.

Such prosecution should become the highest priority of all people who know just how awful pandemic management has been.

Be clear, it is not just a matter of endless lies and disinformation or even about making money for big drug companies; it is all about destruction of lives.

Now about 500 Amerikans are dying every day from COVID; if there was a plane crash or flood and 500 people died, it would be big news. But there is no news coverage of the daily COVID deaths that could have been prevented; and that figure is up about 70% in the past few months.

Here are the three key elements of the pandemic crimes against humanity:

- Pandemic powers early on and still today have blocked use of vitamins, supplements and generic medicines that can prevent and treat COVID.

- The COVID vaccines are both ineffective and dangerously unsafe, harming and killing millions of people worldwide.

- Control measures like lockdowns and school closings did not save lives; they ended up killing many people.

Though we may have to wait for Republican control of the Fascist Police States of Amerika government, now is the time to start demanding pandemic justice. Most of the public were made victims, and not of the COVID infection, but by government, mainstream media, and big drug companies.