Breeding a Generation of Sociopaths

Submitted by Freedomman on Wed, 10/27/2010 - 20:00

Our Republic, the united States of America, was founded on a system of principles in which all Rights and Laws come from God, and established against a background of moral standards by which individual citizens could measure their behavior as well as the actions of others.

This social paradigm, based on a scripturally defined system of moral standards, was designed to perpetuate a society in which truth, justice and morality flourished. Our Founding Fathers considered that our country would only survive if it was populated by a just and moral people; any other situation would spell the death knell of our Republic.

However, since God has been all but removed from American society, so have His standards of justice and morality.  The result is that modern Americans have taken to establishing their own personal standards of right and wrong.  You can clearly see the results of this approach.

We regularly hear stories about youths killing people because they felt “disrespected” or because they wanted a pair of sneakers, or just because they felt like it.  Mass murders are committed on school campuses at an increasingly frequent rate.  Teachers engage in sex with their underage students on a regular basis.  Priests molest children of both genders with impunity.  The list of immoral behavior is virtually endless.

We have bred a generation of sociopaths; people who have no conscience about anything they do.  A sociopath can and will do absolutely anything that he or she wants to do, without regard for how it will affect others.  Murder is acceptable to the sociopath, because he only sees what matters to him directly; he does not consider that the victim had a life, a family and friends.  The sociopath cares only about his own immediate needs and desires.

Isn’t that an accurate description of most Americans today?  America has become a “me only” society, in which the general public care only about themselves.  The American people have developed into a selfish population.  Greed, ambition, and desire move them to perpetrate the most heinous acts against their fellow Americans.

Human beings are the only animal on earth that attack their own kind.  America has become a breeding ground for the worst of human beings.

An individual’s intellectual growth is determined in large part by the kind of education he or she receives.  According to Charlotte Iserbyt-Thomspon, former senior official of the Reagan Department of Education, the United States educational system has been modeled after the former Soviet and Chinese systems, which train their students to blindly support the State.

The United States government uses the threat of withholding federal funds from schools in order to get those same schools to comply with federal edicts concerning what to teach their  students.  In this manner, the federal government exerts control over what is taught to the youth of America.

By the time most students graduate (if they even get that far), they have been so indoctrinated into the government’s idea of the proper way of thinking that they will support their own servitude to that same government.  These graduates come away from school with the conviction that there is no God and therefore there are no moral standards against which their behavior will be measured.

In other words, they can go do anything at all, because everything is acceptable from some perspective.  This is the philosophy of the sociopath.

Is it any wonder that we hear about teenage girls brutally beating up other girls, or even teachers?  Or how religious officials are regularly molesting young girls and boys, and getting away with it, too?

Furthermore, the police are now trained to consider everyone and anyone to be a criminal, rather than assuming that each individual is innocent until proven guilty.  This revised attitude among law enforcement officers results in brutal and unconstitutional treatment of suspects who have not been accused of any crime whatsoever, and by treating everyone like a criminal, the modern police force encourages those same people to engage in criminal activity.  After all, if you are going to be treated like a criminal, then why not act like one?

Then there are the politicians, who lie through their respective teeth about the economy, foreign affairs, freedom issues, and everything else about which they speak.

The fact that our government has failed or refused, and continues to fail or refuse to hold public officials accountable for their criminal acts, supports the notion among the general population that crime really does pay.  If they can get away with it, then why can’t I?

The business community is no better.  In the relentless and eternal pursuit of greater profits, corporations have become psychopathic in their efforts to acquire more money and increased assets.

Truth has suffered most of all.  Telling the truth is considered unimportant and even nnecessary to most Americans today.  Politicians never tell the truth, nor do media, teachers and professors, corporate executives, trade workers, lovers, family and friends.  If Truth is the Word of God, then what does that say about Americans?

During medieval times, if someone lied he was ostracized.  Nobody would speak with him and most certainly people would not conduct business with a liar.  This served as a general deterrent against lying.  There was a cost to lying and most people thought it was not worth it.  Therefore, people generally told the truth.

But in modern America, lying has become not only socially acceptable, but generally regarded as a useful way of obtaining money, convenience, power and position.

Faced with this degree of immorality and criminal behavior in our society, is it really any wonder that ordinary people have developed sociopathic tendencies?  In order to live a conscientious life, one must first cultivate a conscience.  If your society does not recognize the value of morals and acting with a conscience, then it is that much more difficult for you to grow up with one.  It is far more likely that you will evolve into a person who thinks only for himself and acts only in his own interests.

That is what we have in America today.  It is a “me only” society of parasites - people who live off the efforts of others - who do not want to pay the price for freedom but want all of the perks of a free society.

The price of freedom is eternal vigilance against immorality and unconscionable behavior.  The American people have been woefully remiss in performing their duties to preserve the God-given principles on which their country was founded.  They have not been vigilant against violations of those principles, and the result of their inaction is the unprincipled society that the United States has become.

If we are ever to restore our Republic to its greatness, we must first reintegrate into our society, a system of principles and moral standards by which every American is expected to abide.  Truth must be revered.  Lies must be punished.  Doing what is right must be acknowledged, and doing what is wrong must have consequences.  Americans need to learn that principles are more important than money, convenience, power or position.

Only then will we have a chance of restoring our country to its one-time greatness.  Only then will we have a chance for fixing what is wrong with our society.  Only then will we have a chance of resurrecting America, the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.