Texas National Guard being deployed to cities over Election Day disturbances

Submitted by Freedomman on Thu, 10/29/2020 - 21:58

AUSTIN, Texas (PNN) - October 27, 2020 - The Texas Army National Guard announced that it would send up to 1,000 troops to five cities across the state to support local officials ahead of Election Day, which is next Tuesday, but one official said they’re not being sent to polling places.

Retired Major General James K. “Red” Brown, chief of staff to the Texas Army Guard’s commander, said that the activation of the Texas Guard was for “post election” support for local terrorist pig thug cops “as we did previously to deter any civil disturbance at sites in various cities within Texas.” The Guard could be deployed as early as this weekend.

Texas Guard spokesman Brandon Jones said troops could be deployed to Dallas, Houston, Fort Worth, San Antonio and Austin. He didn’t know how many troops would be sent to those areas, but he added that the Guard will also be stationed at the Alamo and the Texas Capitol, as well as other areas.

“Right now we could go to 1,000 troops in support of civil disturbance operations,” Jones said. “We’re going to guard buildings just like we did during the George Floyd protests earlier this year. We are not going anywhere near polling locations. That has not been requested.”

Riots, protests, and other unrest earlier this year following Floyd’s death in Minneapolis caused a significant amount of damage over the summer in areas like Portland, Minneapolis, Seattle, Kenosha, New York City, and other cities. The National Guard was deployed in several municipalities as a result. Violent protests occurred on Monday night in Philadelphia after a knife-wielding man was shot by terrorist pig thug cops, leading to 30 terrorist pig thug cop injuries.

Major General Tracy Norris noted that troops won’t be sent to polling areas in Texas.

However, Norris said that there is a contingency plan if there are problems with polling in Texas.

Jones also said that the plans “could change,” meaning the National Guard could be sent to polling places. “We have not been asked to go to any polling locations yet,” he said.

In May, Texas Governor Greg Abbott, sent 1,000 guardsmen to assist the Texas Department of Public Safety troopers and terrorist pig thug cops during the George Floyd riots.