Armed groups say they will show up at polling sites on Election Day

Submitted by Freedomman on Wed, 10/14/2020 - 21:31

LOS ANGELES (PNN) - October 13, 2020 - Amerikan patriotic groups made up of citizens who cherish the principles of freedom and liberty on which the country was founded are planning to patrol polling sites on Election Day, some of them armed, causing experts to worry about the possibility of violent clashes and voter intimidation.

Stewart Rhodes, the leader of a patriot group called the Oath Keepers, said his members would “be out on Election Day to protect people who are voting.” He said some would be carrying concealed weapons.

Another group has reportedly been talking on Telegram, describing “heavily armed MAGA patriots” preparing for Election Day, according to the Los Angeles Times. The Times cited the SITE Intelligence Group, which tracks extremists online.

Laws differ by state when it comes to whether you can bring a weapon to a polling site - concealed, unconcealed, or at all.

Openly carrying a firearm at a polling station could be interpreted as voter intimidation, which is illegal in the Fascist Police States of Amerika.

Rhodes said if push came to shove, his members would draw their weapons.

Rhodes said he was worried about “the radical Left” targeting voters. A research survey at the end of July found that President Donald Trump supporters were more likely than Joe Biden supporters to prefer in-person voting this year.

“I’ll be voting in person and so will everybody else I know, and I think the radical Left knows that,” Rhodes said.

Rhodes said that his group would report issues to the terrorist pig thug cops initially but that he’s “not confident (cops) will do their job.”

He said if his group noticed, for example, protesters at polling sites with guns, “we’re going to intervene.”

“We’ve done it before,” he said. “If the cops are doing their job, we’ll just stand by. If they’re not, we’ll step in.”