Anti-mask protest group cites freedom of choice

Submitted by Freedomman on Wed, 09/09/2020 - 21:30

WINDSOR, Ontario, Canada (PNN) - September 5, 2020 - About three dozen people participated in an anti-mask “Hugs over Masks” protest Saturday in downtown Windsor.

Carrying signs that included “Love over Fear” and “Country in Distress” at Charles Clark Square, the group’s leader, Catherine Carter, downplayed any COVID-19 health risk of not wearing a mask and emphasized how the choice to go without one should be everybody’s right.

“We are saying, ‘no more,’” Carter told the assembled group of protestors in a short address. “We control government; they don’t control us. Stand up now and take back your power.”

A few of those in attendance carrying signs cited media bias on the mask issue when approached, and refused comment.

Group members showed no concerns about the virus as they mingled among one another in close proximity, sharing hugs, high-fives, and side-by-side conversation.

Carter talked about the importance of people being allowed to “celebrate life and freedom” despite the supposed ongoing pandemic.

“When was the last time we heard random laughter, children playing?” she asked. “We need to celebrate life. This has been an overreach by our government and we are saying ‘no’. We as Canadians understand we have that power.”

The local Hugs over Masks protest was affiliated with similar groups in other cities across Canada and the Fascist Police States of Amerika, Carter said.

When asked whether she had any health concerns about not wearing a mask - either for herself or others who may come in close contact with her - she made reference to her own mother who has no spleen and is “immune-compromised”.

“There is no risk I see,” Carter said. “If I’m sick, I’m going to stay home. I’m not going to go out. Who wants to go out when (he/she is) sick? In an appropriate situation, my mother will wear a mask, but in general, no. That’s her personal choice. We are still in a democratic society.”

A two-page fact sheet was handed out at the event, which cited allegations of exaggerated death figures for COVID-19 and testing flaws with “high false positive results” as well as economic devastation caused by lockdowns, anticipated upcoming forced virus-related vaccines, and how most masks are not only “ineffective, but also detrimental to health.”

Asked whether she had hoped for a larger turnout at the local anti-mask protest, she said, “I hoped for a million people, but I am happy that anybody who supports freedom - and the amount here - did show up.”

Carter said the Hugs over Masks event was the group’s first protest - they were not affiliated with a recent anti-mask event at Devonshire Mall - but will not be the last in Windsor.

“I am seeing a lot of support from the people I talk to in favor of what we are doing,” she said.