I Was Born to be Free

Submitted by Freedomman on Wed, 09/15/2010 - 18:17

I was born to be free.

No amount of social engineering can ever abrogate this fundamental Truth; it resonates throughout every aspect of my being. It is my living sentiment and it will be my dying sentiment.  Life without freedom is no life at all.  I was born to be free.

March 13th is an important day for me. It is my birthday. However, if it had been up to my mother, I would never have been born. Because of her personal anguish at the time of my conception, my mother tried to abort me. Needless to say, she was unsuccessful. Nobody could have stopped the Creator’s plan or for that matter, my desire for life.

I do not blame my mother for attempting to kill me. She regretted her behavior every day of her life and became overly protective of me in the process. Every time I so much as sneezed, she thought Yahweh would take me from her so that even a common cold, from her perspective, was a life-threatening situation! Her own anguish and guilt were punishment enough.

My mother did not realize that my desire to live was greater than her need to find relief from the pressures of living with an alcoholic husband and two young children. She was caught in a living hell and thought it would be better for all concerned if I did not live. Ultimately, she was grateful that Yahweh had a better plan than she did; throughout my life she called me her “bright and shining star.”

Throughout my early life, I was acutely aware that I was not wanted; that awareness overshadowed my youth. It took many years of internal questioning for me to understand that it was not me that my mother wanted to kill. She just wanted to “solve a problem” and could think of no other way to do so. Right or wrong, she did what she thought best for her and me.

Now, as I continue to ponder and question life and all its rigors, I have come to the conclusion that I did not survive the attempt on my life so that I could live as a slave. I was given life so that I could live FREE. With the guidance and help of my Heavenly Father, the Granter of all life, I was given an opportunity to live under His authority as a free being. I was born to live free.

In my life, there is no room for slavery. I abhor the idea of being numbered, thereby becoming a slave to the State, and the harm that does to the soul. I resent being told that I must follow man’s 30,000,000+ laws when there are already Ten Commandments that are totally adequate for determining my behavior. I despise being told that an ungodly, unscriptural, unholy government has ultimate authority over me. Only Yahweh has authority over me! The government did not give me life and I owe it nothing, nada, zip, zilch.

I was born to be free.

I was not born to bow down to governmental graven images.

I was not born to pay unlawful taxes.

I was not born to live by man’s endless regulations.

I was not born to live in fear.

Except for following the Laws of my Creator, I was born to be free. As a Child of Yahweh, I am eternally responsible to Him for my actions, my thoughts and my soul. I have One Source to which I bow and that Source is NOT the ungodly United States Federal Government.

I was born to be free.