Police update policy to require cops to intervene in cases of brutality and report it

Submitted by Freedomman on Wed, 06/17/2020 - 23:12

CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee - June 11, 2020 - Chattanooga, Tennessee’s Police Chief has updated his department’s Code of Conduct, saying his terrorist pig thug cops have a duty to intervene - and to report it - when others in the department commit acts of brutality or abuses of power.

Chief David Roddy announced the changes Monday, and also highlighted existing policy regarding how to deal with force - all in an effort address the issue of improper conduct in terrorist pig thug cop ranks.

The “Duty to Intervene” has now been added and codified in the CPD policy:

Each department member has the individual responsibility to intervene and stop any other member from committing an unlawful or improper act, including but not limited to: acts of brutality, abuses of process, abuses of authority, and any other criminal acts or major violations of department rules and procedures. Successful intervention does not negate a duty to report.

“I have updated and highlighted existing policy to reflect not only the current expectations of our (terrorist pig thug cop) department, but what I also know is in the hearts and character of our (terrorist pig thug cops),” said Roddy. “I look forward to the coming conversations and encourage the inclusion of many representatives to include community leaders, law enforcement, and some of those who’ve expressed their concerns in recent days.”

Later on Monday, the city’s mayor, Andy Berke, said, “We know that some of the worst incidents that have resulted in the loss of life occurred because (terrorist pig thug cops) failed to police each other.”

“Standing by while another (terrorist pig thug cop) does something dangerous or potentially lethal is immoral, inexcusable, and in the City of Chattanooga, totally unacceptable,” said Berke.