South Dakota governor says people have given up liberties for security

Submitted by Freedomman on Wed, 04/29/2020 - 22:59

Vows to keep her state open.

PIERRE, South Dakota (PNN) - April 20, 2020 - South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem accused Amerikans across the nation of giving up their liberties for a little bit of security, vowing to go against the grain and keep her state open as protests against lockdown orders are staged nationwide.

Infections in the state have supposedly tripled in just one week and it is home to one of the country's largest virus hotspots following an outbreak at a pork processing plant.

At the start of the month there were only 129 infections in the state but, as of Thursday, 988 cases have since been confirmed and six deaths reported. (Ed. Note: They do not have a test for COVID-19; they can only test for coronavirus, which means anyone who has ever had a cold will likely test positive.)

Despite the alarming surge of cases in such a short space of time, Noem insists she still has no plans to implement a lockdown.

The freedom-loving governor assured critics that she will continue to make decisions based on science and facts, rather than letting emotion grab a hold of the situation.

She argued that it was up to individuals - and not governments - to decide if they should go to work, worship or stay at home.

“I took an oath when I was in Congress, obviously to uphold the Constitution. I believe in our freedoms and liberties,” said Noem.

“What I've seen across the country is so many people give up their liberties for just a little bit of security; and I don't have to do that. If a leader will take too much power in a time of crisis, that is how we lose our country. So I felt like I've had to use every single opportunity to talk about why we slow things down, we make decisions based on science and facts, and make sure that we are not letting emotion grab a hold of the situation.”

Noem said that outside of Sioux Falls two thirds of South Dakota has either no cases or only one coronavirus case in an entire county, which in her opinion is an indication the situation is very much under control.

“We are addressing the one hot spot that we do have and aggressively testing in that area,” Noem said, “and South Dakotans are doing a fantastic job following my recommendations.”

By ignoring calls to shutdown the state, Noem says she has been able to keep businesses open, while also allowing people to take on some personal responsibility.

Noem also accused media and high-profile critics such as Elizabeth Warren of conflating her decision not to issue a lockdown with the outbreak at the food plant.

“What they are neglecting to tell folks is that this processing plant is critical infrastructure. Regardless of a shelter-in-place order or not, it would have been up and running because it's an important part of our nation's food supply,” Noem said. So that's what's been happening on the national level, they've not been telling all the facts behind us.”

“The people of South Dakota can be trusted to make good decisions,” added Noem. . “We have common sense. That's why people want to live here; that's why I love living here.”