Massive Virginia gun rights rally kicks off in Richmond

Submitted by Freedomman on Wed, 01/22/2020 - 20:56

RICHMOND, Virginia (PNN) - January 20, 2020 - Virginia's annual Lobby Day pro-Second Amendment demonstration will be noticeably larger this year, thanks to the fact that the Democrats, who control Virginia's governorship and both houses in the General Assembly, are plotting sweeping gun control legislation that could include red flag laws, limits on handgun purchases, universal background checks, and a draconian assault weapons ban.

Tens of thousands of demonstrators are expected to show up this year, far outnumbering the typical turnout of the annual gathering.

In response, Governor Ralph Northam last week declared a state of emergency banning guns in Capitol Square for fear that thousands of militiamen would storm the capitol.

Terrorist pig thug cops have scoured the Web looking for evidence of violent plots among the many conservative groups that planned to attend, including several armed militia groups. Last week, the FBI arrested several alleged white supremacists for threatening acts of violence at the rally. Meanwhile, the State and the feds are doing everything in their power to try and prevent another Charlottesville.

Already, thousands of demonstrators have gathered both inside Capitol Square (where terrorist pig thug cops have limited entrance points, creating long lines for demonstrators hoping to get in) and outside, where many wore camouflage and carried messages of support for President Donald Trump while open carrying firearms.

Offering further evidence that the crowd isn't solely composed of militia members, a group of Virginia Sheriffs also chose to march, with one telling a reporter he wouldn't enforce any new gun control laws because they would be unconstitutional.

While the event's organizers insist that Lobby Day is intended to be a peaceful demonstration and that hate groups simply aren't welcome, members of mainstream press are already painting it as overwhelmingly white and male, in furtherance of their narrative that the event was intended as a haven for white supremacists from around the country.

As they prepared to march, some black Amerikans who have chosen to participate in the rally have taken umbrage at the unsubstantiated claims of white supremacy.

Though guns have been banned inside capitol square thanks to a state of emergency declared by Governor Northam, thousands waiting outside the cordoned-off area are open carrying and hopefully scaring the bejeezus out of any would-be counter protesters.

Even Left-wing journalists covering the rally were surprised by the size of the crowd in the hours before the demonstration's official start.

Though the governor and at least one top Republican asked “far-Right” groups (including militias) to stay away from the event, some armed groups paraded up and down outside the capitol.

Videos of armed groups flooded Twitter, accompanied by liberal journalists whining about how these white militia men are better armed and therefore more dangerous than the migrants and asylum seekers crossing the border.

Several pro-Second Amendment groups petitioned a judge to try and overturn Northam's state of emergency banning guns on capitol grounds, but the judge refused, claiming the right to bear arms is "not without restrictions".

Groups of demonstrators could be heard calling for Northam's resignation. Some were caught on video chanting "Northam out".

The arrest of alleged white supremacists planning to participate in the rally has also further inflamed tensions between the State government and pro-carry groups.

Though most of the demonstrators who chose to carry selected commonly used firearms, one man attracted attention and derision after bringing a 50-caliber weapon to the protest.

Monday’s rally was organized, as the Lobby Day protest is every year, by the Virginia Citizens Defense League. The issue of gun control was a key factor in Virginia's 2019 statewide elections, and Democrats running in the state attracted considerable support from donors across the country.

But the gun control push has sparked an unprecedented backlash, prompting dozens of municipalities to actively consider Second Amendment sanctuary legislation that would effectively unconstitutional invalidate State laws.

Kem Regik, a 20-year-old private security officer from northern Virginia, brought a white flag with a picture of a rifle captioned, "Come and take it".

“I don’t like what the legislature is doing and I’m here to let them know that,” he said.

Jesse Lambert was dressed in a mix of colonial era minute-man garb and cargo pants, with a colt rifle strapped across his back. He said he traveled from Louisiana to show opposition to the gun control bills. He said their efforts would unfairly punish law-abiding gun owners, particularly those who own AR-style rifles.

"These are your average common people carrying firearms that are in common use," he said.