How Do You Know That It's True?

Submitted by Freedomman on Wed, 08/18/2010 - 18:40

According to one report, the Gulf of Mexico oil gusher has been capped; other reports suggest the environmental disaster is far from done. One report says that we are currently enjoying an economic recovery; another says the Depression has only just started and there is much more financial devastation coming. According to some experts, fluoride prevents tooth decay; others say fluoride hurts your teeth. It continues endlessly.

But how do you know any of it is true? How do you know that what you are reading in
newspapers or magazines, hearing on radio, or watching on television is really happening? How do you know that the results of so called "official" polls are true or even accurate? If I were to tell you that an estimated 15-30 million people have successfully and legally stopped
paying federal and State income taxes, would you believe me? It happens to be true, though you will never see such a story in the mainstream newspapers. You will never see a story on television about a Citizen awarded damages by a court due to taxes unlawfully withheld by his
employer and illegally taken by the IRS.

We are told there is a crime problem. How do you know it's true? You aren't taught that in
order for there to be a crime, there must be a complaint filed by a damaged party. You aren't taught that a traffic ticket or citation for jaywalking, or any number of regulatory fines, are not legal crimes.

We are told there is a terrible drug problem. How do you know it's true? You have been taught that drugs are bad, unless they have been approved by the federal government's Food and Drug Administration. There are many treatments for diseases such as AIDS and cancer, treatments which have saved lives. But, without FDA approval, you are told that these treatments are bad.

You are taught that anyone who smokes marijuana is a criminal. Why? Because the government says so. This same government then establishes its own crime rate statistics and now you are supposed to support policies to combat crime, regardless of the cost, due to the "terrible crime problem."

Have you ever heard of Prohibition? When the government couldn't successfully turn an entire generation of alcohol drinkers into criminals, they did it with a future generation, using marijuana, cocaine and similar mind altering substances. But the truth is, there is no drug problem. The only problem arises when a drug addict steals or murders to support his habit. If we were to punish people who commit crimes, such as murder and burglary,
there would be no need to regulate the law abiding Citizen who chooses to use drugs but doesn't hurt anybody else in the process.

We are told there is a terrible immigration problem. How do you know it's true? You have been taught that illegal immigrants are taking jobs away from Americans. In reality, it is not immigration which is causing the problem - we are all immigrants of a sort. It is the federal government, by taking your property and giving it to immigrants on welfare. If I want to give to someone less fortunate than I, I do not need the government to conduct the transaction for me. If everyone emigrating to America contributed to our economic growth; if immigrants started farms, ranches, grew food, spent money in America, would any of you object? Probably not. It is only because the federal government gives these people your property, your money, that any problem even exists.

We are told that there is a serious problem with terrorism and counterfeiting in America. How do you know it's true? Counterfeiting's actual impact on the American economy amounts to a tiny fraction of one percent of the total economy; it is not the serious problem we have been told about. Also, there is ample evidence to suggest that the federal government has been involved, in whole or in part, in every major "terrorist" attack in America over the last forty years. Beware! The federal government will use terrorism and counterfeiting as excuses to justify implementation of extreme measures designed to further control your lives.

When is your birthday? How do you know? The truth is, you can't know. You were told by a relative, or read it on a birth certificate. And you believed it to be true. It probably is. But you can't KNOW it. Well, what about the information you receive from the media, which is unquestionably controlled by the government... how do you KNOW it is true? Actually, you don't. So, why do you make decisions which drastically affect your life, based solely on your BELIEF in the accuracy of information designed to train you to think a certain way?

The next time you hear of a poll or study or the results of some commission, the next time you hear from the so-called "experts" about anything at all, ask yourself, 'how do I know that it's true?' You may discover that you have your own independent thoughts on the subject. You may learn that you are far more capable at running your life than a handful of politicians, lawyers, bureaucrats and scientists, whose agenda includes one world government and sacrificing personal
sovereignty; and always for "the greater good."

Ask yourself, 'how do I know that it's true?' You may discover what it means to be an American.