Trump is preparing an Executive Order to crack down on social media censorship

Submitted by Freedomman on Thu, 08/15/2019 - 00:04

WASHINGTON (PNN) - August 7, 2019 - It appears that President Donald Trump is getting ready to bring down the hammer on the big social media companies. The Trump regime is reportedly in the process of drafting an executive order that will tackle Silicon Valley’s alleged anti-conservative bias. It is very much in Trump’s own self-interest to do this. Social media played a key role in helping him win in 2016, but since that time we have seen an unprecedented wave of censorship on the major social media platforms, and most of that censorship has been directed at conservative voices. If Trump doesn’t do something, it is hard to see how he will win in 2020.

Ultimately, it would take an act of Congress to do everything that needs to be done, but Trump should be applauded for trying to do what he can on his own. Three separate sources that are familiar with the drafting of this new executive order said the Trump regime is very serious about this issue.

It is not clear if such an executive order would hold up in court, and undoubtedly there will be legal challenges right away. Of course those legal challenges will take a long time to play out, because we all know how slowly our legal system moves.

But for the short-term, what really matters is what effect this will have on the behavior of the big social media companies. The goal should be to scare them into doing the right thing, and hopefully the wording of this executive order will be as forceful as possible.

Since some of these big tech companies have contracts with the federal government, in his executive order Trump could try to prohibit federal contractors from discriminating against customers based on their political views.

We’ll see what happens, but hopefully Trump can get this executive order issued quickly, because the 2020 election season has already started.

Because of what I do, I have connections throughout conservative media, and just about everyone I know has been censored, banned, shadowbanned or deplatformed in some way, shape or form. Over the past two and a half years we have witnessed the greatest purge in the history of the Internet, and it has been absolutely brutal.

Some conservative voices are still able to use social media, but the heavy hand of censorship is always present. For example, every time Dr. Michael Brown posts a video on YouTube, it is immediately flagged as unsuitable for most advertisers.

Of course other conservative voices have been targeted for elimination from social media altogether. Mike Adams of Natural News is an incredibly genuine guy and one of the most articulate conservative voices on the entire Internet, and he has been deplatformed by just about every social media platform that exists.

This is on top of the permanent bans of Natural News content from Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Google News, Apple, and other techno-fascists that now represent the greatest threat to human freedom the world has ever seen.

There is no reason why Mike Adams should have ever been banned by anyone. I have had the opportunity to sit down with him in person, and he is someone that cares deeply for Amerika and for those around him. What the big social media companies have done to him is absolutely disgusting.

But of course he is far from alone. One study found that since the 2016 presidential election, social media traffic to a group of some of the most conservative websites on the Internet was down by 93%.

In the end, it is very simple. The Leftists that run the big social media companies hate what conservatives believe, and they don’t want them to get the trust out to the people. They don’t believe in a free marketplace of ideas, because their ideas always lose.

So the only way they can win is by shutting up opposing viewpoints, and that is precisely what they have been attempting to do.

The social media giants built multi-billion dollar empires by giving everyone a voice, but now that they have such a dominant position on the Internet they have decided that many prominent conservative voices should be completely silenced.

They want to control what ideas people are exposed to, thus shaping the overall direction of the country.

If they are allowed to get away with it, they will greatly alter the political future of Amerika far beyond the 2020 election.

Something needs to be done immediately, so let us hope that President Trump gives this executive order some really strong teeth.