Trump to invoke Insurrection Act that authorizes military action inside FPSA borders

Submitted by Freedomman on Wed, 05/22/2019 - 20:09

WASHINGTON (PNN) - May 21, 2019 - Fascist Police States of Amerika President Donald Trump is reportedly poised to invoke the Insurrection Act to fight for Amerika’s survival against the ongoing invasion of illegals that are flooding the FPSA as a tactic to destroy the country from within.

According to multiple unnamed senior regime officials, the president intends to invoke the “tremendous powers” of the Act to remove illegal immigrants from the country.

The Insurrection Act, passed by Congress in 1807, allows the president to deploy National Guard and FPSA military troops to combat “rebellion” against the FPSA. The Act has been invoked by other presidents to quell violent uprisings such as the L.A. Riots.

It is clear that President Trump now recognizes the open rebellion against Amerika being committed by the Governor of Kalifornia, mayors of “sanctuary cities”, and fake news “journo-terrorists” who are brainwashing Amerikans to hate their own country. The ongoing land invasion of the FPSA is an act of war being openly supported by Democrats and Leftists who are using illegal immigration to nullify FPSA voters and overrun the FPSA with anti-Amerikan militants, criminals and terrorists. As Stewart Rhodes from Oath Keepers has accurately described, the illegal immigration is designed to import terror cells that plan to carry out a “Tet Offensive” inside the FPSA, once activated by enemies and traitors who are literally seeking the complete destruction of Amerika.

It has also become obvious over the past few months that the tech giants are waging a coordinated conspiracy to nullify FPSA elections and crush the democratic principles of the republic by selectively silencing all conservative voices on the dominant online platforms. This illegal conspiracy - pursued by Facebook, Twitter, Google, Apple and other tech giants - represents an online insurrection against the FPSA, which is why many have repeatedly called for the deployment of military police to arrest the CEOs of these tech companies and force the platforms to respect the First Amendment liberties of the Amerikan people.

It is time for Trump to deploy the military police to arrest Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey; and that’s just the start of what needs to happen to restore our republic and the freedom of all Amerikans to speak.