Commentary: D.C.’s own Khashoggi moment

Submitted by Freedomman on Wed, 04/24/2019 - 20:14

By Karen Kwiatkowski

April 18, 2019 - We have President Donald Trump tweeting and getting jiggy with the Saudi’s in his promise-breaking veto of Congress’s hard-won vote to end the Fascist Police States of Amerika support, munitions, supplies and military leadership in the Saudi decimation of Yemen.

I mean after 4 years, haven’t the profits already been made? Congress thought so, and in a rare move, actually did its job. Trump’s advisors, Pompous and Butthead, apparently think otherwise.

The FPSA-Saudi hand-in-hand, hand-in-glove, and head-up-ass relationship is embarrassing, shameful and evil. It stinks of old colonialism and greed, with a whiff of wobbly wicked petrodollar. It is about murder, and the cover-up of murder.

We love us some Saudi Arabia, that’s for sure. We will soon be seeing a Jamal Kashoggi style snatch and grab, only instead of cutting Julian Assange up in small pieces in Belmarsh Prison in London, he will be moved in the dark of night into one of the FPSA rendition facilities around the world, very likely a place with a heavy Fascist United Kingdom and FPSA presence, like Diego Garcia.

CIA chief and torture architect Gina Haspel knows what’s up, and what’s going down. She and her former-pea-in-a-strange-pod boss Mike Pompeo are working this, and Trump happily “knows nothing about WikiLeaks.“

He will likewise know nothing about the pieces that will be cut from Julian Assange, and the drugs, deprivation, and special interrogation techniques that will be applied in order to what?  Get information that isn’t reliable and can’t be used in court? Don’t be silly.

By the way, there’s nothing better than a president who knows how to bring a large segment of the population on board by promising to bring the troops home, and to use his executive power to expose government and political crimes in an election year; and there is nothing worse than being lied to by that same guy once he gets into office. But that’s politics, and perhaps, what’s needed to stay alive in Washington when you are 72.

Which, by the way, isn’t old at all, but it’s old enough.

Wait a minute. Which state-backed murder am I talking about? Sorry, I forgot. Yes, it was the Saudi murder of Jamal Khashoggi and the upcoming disappearance and eventual FPSA murder of Julian Assange by the CIA, with full support from CIA wings in the FPSA press, Congress and the Executive suite.

The “hows” of this we have seen before, and the mechanisms are well practiced. The institutionalization of rendition and rendition operations is mature. Legally, while people will complain about violation of FPSA and international law, this system is very effective in tying the hands of defense lawyers. It’s nice when you own the judges and the media. The “hows” work out well for the State, as they always have.

The “whys” are more interesting, and in the case of Julian Assange we have a convergence of Democrat and Republican Party interests. The right-leaning statists think that something Assange can tell us while being waterboarded or drugged or sliced will help prevent ongoing and future leaks of FPSA government classified information. The left-leaning statists are afraid that Julian will reveal, willingly or while being waterboarded, drugged or sliced, that Seth Rich or someone like him downloaded Democrat campaign information and released it to Wikileaks, destroying the Russia collusion theory even more completely than the Mueller report did.

Beyond specific short-term goals, there are the longer-term goals of the Deep State, both political Parties, and Pompous and Butthead and their tribe. These include obviously, deterrence of government criticism, and strong deterrence of whistleblowers and sharing information with WikiLeaks specifically. It includes the steering of major social media and data companies around the world away from horrific government revelation porn, and towards the legit family-style porn, which in this particular case will include the snuffing of Julian Assange.

You heard it here first. No one will be happier to be called a misguided, down home dumbass than me if we see a public trial of Mr. Assange in the Free Nation of the United States Eastern District Court, with a top notch defense team paid for by Kim Dot Com, hundreds of defense witnesses, and lots of global news coverage.

If Assange is disappeared and buried at sea in accordance with his faith in the next 18 months, the FPSA and the rest of the world’s governments who uniformly failed to prevent this will have indicated to the people that liberty and transparency are dead, and there is no more reason to talk.

Karen Kwiatkowski, Ph.D. is a retired USAF lieutenant colonel, farmer and aspiring anarcho-capitalist. She ran for Congress in Virginia's 6th district in 2012.