Should people who create gun-free zones be held liable if defenseless people are murdered?

Submitted by Freedomman on Wed, 11/07/2018 - 21:33

BIRMINGHAM, Alabama (PNN) - November 1, 2018 - Arizona and other states have introduced or are working on Gun-Free-Zone Liability laws, which while they allow private places to arbitrarily ban the civil right people have to arm themselves, would hold those places accountable for any harm that causes.

Suspending the right to arms, often by simply posting a we-don't-allow-you-here sign, is an arguably unconstitutional power. The proposed statute, by making the places liable for any harm such policies might cause, would serve as a deterrent to the counterproductive edicts.

Though it received only cursory treatment instead of saturation coverage by mass media, a father eating with his teenage children at a McDonalds in Alabama shot and killed a wannabe masked mass murderer last week, ending what could otherwise have been a bloodbath. The criminal, who opened fire inside the restaurant, later died of his wounds. A McDonalds employee called the dad, "a hero".

Birmingham terrorist pig thug cop spokesman Sgt. Bryan Shelton said the criminal, who was not yet identified, "made a decision that cost his life, and the father made a decision that preserved his and his children's lives." (And everyone else's, too.)

The employee, Markus Washington, who was flipping burgers at the time, speaking about the dad, said, "If he wasn't armed, we might not be here." The father is not currently facing charges.

Stories of citizens facing down armed criminals and killing, wounding, or sending them fleeing are common, but not in the mass media, which suppresses such news. One AP bureau chief, in a moment of candor, revealed that if they covered such events, they might inspire copycats, so they don't. The website carries batches of self-defense stories the mainstream refuses to cover. A simple Google search will locate many similar sites, run by gun-rights advocates and firms.

Passage of Gun-Free-Zone Liability laws will increase the safety of the public, deter the denial of basic civil and human rights by dangerously misinformed people, expose the hypocrisy of people who want guns confiscated from the innocent, and end dangerous reliance on terrorist pig thug cops for safety. Everyone knows terrorist pig thug cops are called and show up after a crime has been committed, and that they have no legal duty to protect any individuals