Passion: Freedom’s Secret Ingredient

Submitted by Freedomman on Tue, 07/20/2010 - 19:59

I believe we are engaged in an ongoing war on freedom, in which what is at stake is nothing less than each individual’s rights to self-determination, life, liberty, and property.

In a war, it is essential to success to accurately evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your adversaries.  I have found that where the government is concerned, its weaknesses and strengths are both represented by its mindless bureaucracy.

A massive bureaucracy tends to move forward, like some unstoppable juggernaut, always heading in the direction that it has been programmed to go, never being deterred or distracted by individual pleas made by ordinary citizens.  This blind adherence to procedures, designed to obstruct the pursuit of happiness, represents one of the foremost strengths of the United States government.

However, this same bureaucratic element simultaneously represents the government’s greatest weakness, because all bureaucracies are, by nature, predictable.  That is because they have no ability to react to specific or personal aspects of a situation.  They can only automatically follow the procedures set forth for them.

Recently, I was asked by a colleague to describe the greatest strengths of the freedom movement.  Of course, my first response was our ability to think.  That probably represents our most effective and consistent strength.  But we have even greater assets.

There is a quality that freedom lovers possess that our adversaries - those who would subject the exercise of our unalienable rights to their wills - will never have nor understand.  That quality is passion, and it may well be the single aspect of this war on freedom that ultimately wins the war for those seeking freedom and justice.

Freedom fighters, lovers of liberty, and seekers of justice tend to be passionate about their objectives.  That passion fuels their ongoing fight for self-determination.  It is the reason why we make such extensive sacrifices for the cause of truth and liberty.  It is why we work endless hours, spend far more than we can afford, and risk our lives and freedom for an objective that is at best, elusive, and at worst, unattainable for anything more than a brief period.

I believe that life without truth, justice and freedom is hardly worth living.  I hold the conviction that it is better to die fighting for freedom than to live comfortably by waiving your God-given rights.  It is better to die on your feet than live on your knees.

Because my beliefs are supported by my passion, I have accomplished many things, resulting in magnificent achievements that continue to make a positive difference in the lives of many people.

My passion has driven me to develop real time solutions to the problems faced by so many of my fellow Americans, concerning excessive taxation and over-regulation.  It drove me to years of study that resulted in my learning how to help other freedom lovers like me.

I have learned how to live completely free from government regulation.  I show people how to lawfully eliminate their credit card debts that were fraudulently established by banks and financial institutions.  I teach people how to wrap an ironclad wall of protection around their property, so that neither the government nor anyone else can ever take it.  I help people move their liquid assets out of the United States and get their money transferred out of the dying U.S. dollar, without setting off any bureaucratic “alarms” that attract the Internal Revenue Service or some government agency to what should be your private affairs.

Passion provides us with the necessary superhuman strength to accomplish deeds of which we otherwise would be incapable.  It feeds us needed energy so that we can accomplish more than we could ordinarily.  It sustains the eternal search for justice in an unjust world.

Government officials have no passion.  It is a trait that they must lack, because the moment a bureaucrat become passionate about anything, then s/he immediately ceases to be a bureaucrat.  Passion engenders thinking, and bureaucrats cannot think.  If they could, they never would have been hired as bureaucrats in the first place.

Think about it!  Have you ever known a bureaucrat who is passionate about his job?  I mean, do you know anyone who works for the government, who actually looks forward to the excitement of the bureaucratic work environment, and dives right in to the day’s workload with enthusiasm and verve?

When you discover an ability or quality possessed by only one side in a war, then you have found something that can be successfully exploited to your side’s advantage.  Passion is one such quality.

Those among the American people who genuinely seek truth, justice, freedom, and a restoration of the Rule of Law, do so with unmatched levels of passion.  It is what drives them to superhuman effort, what generates brilliant strategies, and the factor that often results in winning the war.

Conversely, those who would subvert Due Process and encroach on the unalienable rights of all Americans do so out of the sense of blind obedience that has been programmed into them through their training to work for the government bureaucracy.

All bureaucrats have certain traits.  They obey their superiors, regardless of how absurd the instructions they are given by them.  They do not question the system that has been put in place around them.  They never think critically; they never try to make things better or more efficient.  They are the product of their training: nothing more and nothing less.  This is the bureaucratic profile.

If someone does not fit the bureaucratic profile, then the federal government does not hire that person.  It is that simple.

In summary, we have now arrived at the understanding that in this ongoing war on freedom, the two sides may be described as, freedom lovers and justice seekers, and government officials and globalists.

The freedom fighters have the advantage of passion. The globalists and government officials ompletely lack that same quality.

In waging this war in defense of freedom, we must utilize to the fullest our strategic advantages.  We must use our passion as a weapon in order to accomplish the glorious object of our aspirations: the restoration of a just, true and free society.

What are you willing to do to protect and preserve your liberty?