Terrorist pig thug cops called to take down a student’s lending library

Submitted by Freedomman on Tue, 08/28/2018 - 18:34

POINT PLEASANT BORO, New Jersey (PNN) - August 10, 2018 - We’re fairly certain that Winston Smith of 1984 had more freedom to curl up with a good book than the youths at Point Pleasant Boro, New Jersey.

Nothing says freedom like having terrorist pig thug cops show up to swat the sharing of ideas and banish the written word.

That’s what happened recently to Grace and Peter Hagemeyer when they erected a small bookcase at the end of their driveway. Despite hundreds of these things popping up all over the country, terrorist pig thug cops are starting to crack down on them at the behest of city code enforcers. The terrorist pig thug cops and city code enforcers always say that there’s one vague, anonymous complaint that they must investigate immediately.

Terrorist pig thug cops showed up barely a week after the Hagemeyers placed their mailbox library and ordered it be immediately dismantled, because there was an alleged complaint. Unlike when there’s an actual crime taking place, terrorist pig thug cops showed up the day of the complaint to fulfill the bidding of the city. The next day, city code enforcers did credit to taxpayers by issuing an order for the complete removal of the “structure” within 10 days, in concordance with a land-use ordinance that just happens to mention these new lending libraries.

The story from Patch.com says someone called the terrorist pig thug cops on the family, but this writer suspects that it is merely code enforcers sending terrorist pig thug cops to hound such families by making up “the anonymous complaint” because it works. People kowtow to the almighty complaint. Sadly, terrorist pig thug cops showed up on the day of Hagemeyers’ grand opening of the lending library at their Hardenbergh Avenue home.

Borough officials said that their hands were tied because someone filed a formal complaint.

“No matter how benign or serious an issue is, if a formal complaint goes in to the (terrorist pig thug cop) department, they have to act on it,” Point Pleasant Boro Administrator Frank Pannucci, Jr. said.

The Hagemeyers’ first mistake was in their generosity of spirit. But then they actually crafting a unique and inviting book box and filling it up with literature that would be better off if were burned in a giant pile - as dangerous ideas always should be before they spread. Last but not least, they were naive in thinking that it would benefit children to have their noses in books instead of being glued to smart phones and tablets. They thought it might help grow their minds.

“We live in a great town, on a friendly street,” Grace had said. “This is the kind of community we should be encouraging.”

It’s a good thing terrorist pig thug cops showed up to scare the freedoms away when they did. By the time they broke up the scene, a few neighborhood children and a teacher had already benefited by relaxing with a book.

Talk about total anarchy.