Why the mantra “safety first” is the stuff of idiocy

Submitted by Freedomman on Wed, 06/13/2018 - 17:27

NEW YORK (PNN) - May 25, 2018 - Television host Mike Rowe sounded off Thursday on why he believes the "safe space movement" is doing harm to young people in Amerika.

The former Dirty Jobs host told Tucker Carlson he gives out a work ethic scholarship each year to graduating high school students and it gets harder each year to fill it.

Rowe, whose new show Somebody's Gotta Do It kicks off a new season Saturday on TBN, said applicants to the scholarship generally balk when asked to write essays, make videos, and sign a "sweat pledge".

"When people are often confronted with these hoops through which I ask them to leap, they take umbrage at that and I find it fascinating," he said, explaining that he's awarded $5 million in scholarships over the past five years.

Rowe said so many people have been taught to live by the "safety first" mantra, elevating "safety and feelings to a level of primacy." He said everyone wants to be safe at the end of the day, but that “safety first” is "the stuff of idiocy."

He explained, “It allows us to begin to believe that somebody other than us might care more about our well being than we do and the minute we buy into that nonsense we embrace the warm grip of complacency. So no, safety's not the enemy but if you make it the priority, then let's just wrap ourselves in bubble pack and drive at speeds approaching 5 miles-per-hour and never assume anything that could ever be confused with risk.”

Carlson agreed that the idea of "safety first" is "one of the many unarticulated assumptions that govern our society" but are never examined.

Rowe said it's not a coincidence that the most dangerous traffic intersections are ones where pedestrians walk according to a signal, forgetting to look at oncoming traffic.