YouTube restores Health Ranger video channel without explanation

Submitted by Freedomman on Wed, 04/18/2018 - 20:47

Tech giants feel the heat from censorship backlash.

April 11, 2018 - YouTube, an authoritarian techno-cult run by deranged lunatic leftists who despise free speech, has restored the Health Ranger video channel without explanation. Upon restoration, almost 100,000 subscribers were stripped from the channel as yet another “F##k you” from YouTube to content creators.

The message from YouTube is clear. We can ban you at any time, for any reason, without explanation, with no recourse, and even when we decide to turn your channel back on, we can just delete a third of all your followers, or do anything else we want to screw with your content and silence your voice.

Like Facebook, Google and Twitter, YouTube has devolved into a left-wing echo chamber where rationality, logic and reason are no longer tolerated. In order to maintain a voice on any of these platforms, you must obediently kow-tow to whatever latest irrational delusion is being pushed by the left cult. Those who dare say rational, logical things - such as “there are only two genders” - risk having their accounts terminated and their followers scrubbed. Even the idea of pointing out that men and women have different neurology - a self-evident truth supported by exhaustive scientific study - is not allowed on these left-wing platforms.

Logic, science and biological reality are considered offensive by the deranged, lunatic Left. They will ban you for uttering obvious truths such as “children are born as males or females, not ‘undecided’ genders to be ‘assigned’ by doctors at birth.”

If YouTube is trying to win back favor among the tens of millions of users who are being silenced and terminated, it’s too late: The video platform has already lost all credibility.

Even if YouTube reverses its outrageous banning of conservative and libertarian accounts, the world already knows that YouTube can never be trusted again. It can ban your channel at any time, without justification, without explanation and without recourse. YouTube represents true authoritarian evil on the Internet, and people are fleeing the left-wing platform in droves.

That’s why Health Ranger has announced REAL video, an alternative to YouTube that protects the free speech of pro-liberty voices. This upcoming video community launches July 4, 2018, and already more than 16,000 people have requested content channels on

Almost every day Health Ranger is hearing from people who are being banned by YouTube. They’re telling me, “Please launch sooner than July 4.” Unfortunately, building a massive video community isn’t something that can be done overnight, so it’s going to take a few months to do this right. But the wait will be worth it! is being built to:

  • Handle more than one billion video views per month, right out of the gate.
  • Host tens of millions of individual videos, with almost unlimited scalability.
  • Video playback for nearly all popular video formats, web browsers and mobile devices.
  • Robust, rapid video uploading and transcoding.
  • Video embedding into your own web pages.
  • Support for video views, likes, and social media sharing.
  • Video contests such as the “Most offensive video of the month” contest to exercise the boundaries of free speech. (We will also host video contests on the best mockery of fake news CNN and other hilarious topics.)
  • Open support for guns and firearms videos, which are being systematically banned by YouTube.
  • Open support for videos critical of incompetent government, corrupt corporations, and fake news media.
  • A very wide spectrum of free speech (but no video piracy, nudity, porn, animal abuse, terrorism, or other illegal content).
  • The banning of Communists, fascists, Marxists, left-wing lunatics, and others who are unsafe to the community. This way, you won’t encounter fascist libtards on

This is sort of obvious at this point, but none of us can trust YouTube, Google, Facebook or Twitter as neutral platforms anymore. We must actively seek out alternatives such as,, and MeWe.

Even then, we have to be certain that the people who launch and operate these alternative platforms are committed to liberty and freedom, or else they will be easily bought out, compromised, or overrun by the left-wing cult that has zero tolerance for actual free speech.

That’s why people are flocking to to request content channels there. They know how Health Ranger has been personally attacked, censored, smeared, vilified, and death-threated by the left cult, and they know how deeply he is committed to the First Amendment, Second Amendment, and individual liberty.

No corporation can compete with the power of sheer passion and personal commitment. While YouTube devolves into a cesspool of left-wing lunacy run by unimaginably stupid libtards who despise free speech, will be the new home for genuine free speech on the Internet.

Request a content channel now at REAL video. Most importantly, save all your video files so you can begin uploading as we start approving accounts in June.

Bottom line? F##k YouTube. It has no relevance whatsoever for the future of freedom. Every intelligent person should be re-platforming right now to get off YouTube, Google, Facebook, Snapchat and Twitter. New alternatives are being launched this year. Stop feeding evil with your participation. Make a choice to stand for online freedom.