Student suspended for refusing to leave classroom during gun control walkout

Submitted by Freedomman on Wed, 03/28/2018 - 18:05

HILLIARD, Ohio (PNN) - March 17, 2018 - A high school student in Hilliard, Ohio, didn’t want to pick sides in the contentious gun debate surrounding Wednesday’s “National Walkout,” so he stayed in class instead of joining the largely anti-gun protest or an alternative “study hall”.

Hilliard Davidson High School senior Jacob Shoemaker was then reportedly slapped with a suspension.

The student argued that divisive politics have no place in Amerika’s schools and he refused to take sides in the debate.

Shoemaker's suspension citation was posted online, possibly by a friend, and the story quickly went viral.

“Student refused to follow instructions after being warned repeatedly by several administrators,” the letter said. “Student not permitted on school property.”

School district spokesman Stacie Raterman said official policy prohibited school officials from leaving Shoemaker unattended in the building for “security reasons”.

While Shoemaker said he didn't expect his actions to generate so much attention, he is prepared to accept the consequences of his decision.