And Unthinking They Will Remain

Submitted by Freedomman on Wed, 06/16/2010 - 19:56

“There is no silent majority.  The only thing that exists is an unthinking majority and unthinking they will remain…”

These are the words of Harold W. Rosenthal, former administrative assistant to New York Senator Jacob Javits. Rosenthal has made other odious comments regarding his general contempt for the American people. Regardless of whether you think his opinions to be true or false, he was a man of some influence and dubious prestige.

Rosenthal’s statement is enough to turn my stomach and make the hair stand up on the back of my neck.  Nevertheless, he accurately described that the American people have been controlled and manipulated.  He branded us as “unthinking” and condemned us to remain that way forever.

There are many explanations as to how and why modern Americans are so docile and obedient.  Anyone who relies solely on radio, TV, educational systems, movies, books and any other public source of information, can be certain that he or she is only receiving information that leads to a conclusion predetermined by others. The need for thinking your own thoughts and coming to your own conclusions has been eliminated. 

What really upsets me is that I see some truth in Rosenthal’s cynical pronounce-ment.  There is a great deal of evidence to support his conclusion that the American people will remain unthinking.

An excellent example of this phenomenon is found in the public relations blitz that led the American people to accept as fact that Saddam Hussein was a participant in the September 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center in New York.

As a matter of fact, Saddam Hussein was not connected with either Al Qaeda or Osama bin Laden. Reports actually indicate that these two men did not even like each other very much. There is no evidence linking them, but because of the “Wag the Dog” effect of George W. Bush’s propaganda machine, Americans were more than willing to believe they were working together.

You see, most Americans are no longer able to think. They put on a pretense of thinking by amassing college degrees, as if that proves they are intelligent. In reality, most people just regurgitate the unsubstantiated pap that is presented by the State-controlled educational system. Like Harold Rosenthal and others have said, the public education system is being used to control the minds of the American people.

“And unthinking they shall remain.”

Having a thought does not mean that you are a thinking person. It is more than just going along with a mass perspective. Thinking involves more than just assuming you are being given valid, accurate and complete information from newspapers or television. It is more than simply accepting the opinions of so-called pundits, experts and  commentators.

Americans have become mired in a rut of convenience. Anything that makes life easier is the answer to any given problem or situation. Because they are so preoccupied with making money and owning property, the American people have come to accept any reasonable opinion as true and valid because doing so is so much more convenient than actually thinking about it.

Gone is the demand that allegations and accusations are confirmed before being treated as fact. Gone is the passion to question the source of information. Gone is the ability to critically process information so that errors and inaccuracies are exposed. Gone is the individual determination to come to your own conclusions.

Because they have become mentally lazy, Americans let others do their thinking for them. They believe whatever promises a political candidate makes, and accept as true whatever information is presented by the press, on television or radio, and in the classroom.

I marvel at how easy it seems to turn off the minds of the American people. I shake my head at how gullible and unthinking we are.  I am dismayed that Americans allow any public person, group or report to lead them down a path of apathy and complaisance. What ever happened to the freethinking American mind and spirit?

I would like to issue a challenge to you, to make both Harold Rosenthal and me wrong! Like Brent Johnson says, “Don’t believe anything I tell you. Think about what I say, check me out, then come to your own common sense conclusions.” Look up Harold W. Rosenthal in your resource books or on the Internet. Then write to me and tell me where I am wrong, or if you think that I am correct. But either way, let your opinions and conclusions come from your own thoughts and your own investigations. Show me that you are a thinking person.

Then share this with your friends and have them do the same thing. Maybe we can help “jump-start” the minds of the American people. Maybe we can help our friends, neighbors and families wake up and start thinking again.

This is Lee Parker with a Woman’s Point of View.