Violence erupts in Barcelona as Nazi-saluting fascists clash with police

Submitted by Freedomman on Wed, 11/01/2017 - 19:33

BARCELONA, Catalan (PNN) - October 30, 2017 - Violence has broken out on the streets of Barcelona as Nazi-saluting fascists draped in Spanish flags clashed with Catalan police wielding batons.

Spanish officials organized a unionist march through central Barcelona today in which they claimed more than a million people took part to resoundingly reject Catalonia’s declaration of independence.

During the protests in Barcelona, men can be seen lashing out at a line of police officers and a second video from Madrid shows dozens of protesters gathered in a group and making Nazi salutes.

The crowds chanted that Carles Puigdemont, the Catalan leader, should be sent to prison for declaring independence.

A judge will consider whether the politician should face rebellion charges that could carry a 30-year jail term.

Other videos show gangs chanting “Viva Franco” - a nod to Spain's former dictator Generalissimo Francisco Franco.

Protesters also shouted obscenities about Catalan journalists, who they accuse of twisting the facts and selling fake news.

Thousands were chanting, “This time we are going to vote,” declaring their intention to make their presence felt at the ballot box on December 21 rather than boycott the poll, as they did during the October 1 referendum.

Puigdemont has reportedly refused to accept his dismissal and is intending to go to work in Barcelona tomorrow in defiance of Madrid, despite threats he would be arrested on the spot.

Speaking outside the politician's home in Girona one of his bodyguards said, “The president is nervous because we don’t know what will happen tomorrow. He told me that tomorrow he is going to Barcelona. Security is on high alert.”

Senior Spanish politicians led today's protest, including Albert Rivera, a congressman from Madrid, alongside the leaders of all the Catalan unionist Parties.

Officials who organized the huge unionist demonstration in Barcelona today declared that the total number of people attending the rally was 1.3 million, though there is no official figure.

Organizers said the goal of Sunday's march's was to defend Spain's unity and reject independence.

Leaders of rival pro-union Parties from the ruling conservatives, the pro-business liberals, and the socialists joined together under the slogan, “We are all Catalonia. Common sense for co-existence!”

Grassroots group Societat Civil Catalan called for those who oppose Catalonia breaking away to march at noon. Demonstrators, many waving Spanish, Catalan, and European Union flags flooded a central boulevard.

Societat Civil Catalana president Alex Ramos said, “We have organized ourselves late, but we are here to show that there is a majority of Catalans that are no longer silent and that no longer want to be silenced.”

Madrid today ordered the Catalan police to remove all portraits of President Puigdemont from their police stations.

It comes as the fascist Spanish central government continues its crackdown on the region.

The chief of Catalan police, Josep Trapero, was removed from his post yesterday for perceived hostility to Spanish authorities.

Belgium has today weighed in on the debate, saying it might grant the Catalan president asylum if he is likely to be arrested by Spanish authorities.

Talking of the potential offering of asylum, Belgium's migration minister, Theo Francken, said, “It is not unrealistic if you look at the situation.”