The United States Cultural Cancer

Submitted by Freedomman on Wed, 09/28/2016 - 18:20

by Brent Johnson

There is a disease spreading throughout the world, which may already be of epidemic proportions. It is a cultural cancer and it originates in the United States.

Americans have had it drummed into their heads from very early in their lives, that the way of life promoted throughout the United States is the best in the world; that American culture is the greatest on earth. Our government, along with international corporate conglomerates and mainstream media, seeks to promote commercialistic principles as the object of a free society.

It goes something like this: your success is dependent on how much money and how many things you can amass over your lifetime, regardless of how you have come by your property. The problem is that this “cultural identity” leaves no room for principled actions.

In early America, the concept of getting to keep what you earn was relatively new. Up till then, it was taken for granted that we were subjects of the British king, and that meant we were forced to pay taxes and fees, and submit ourselves to whatever controls, regulations, or rules the king imposed on us.

Our Founding Fathers changed that. They established our country under a system of principles, including the principles that what you earn is yours to keep and that the government exists to serve not rule the people.

The result was that the American people and by extension, the economy of the united States of America, came to enjoy unprecedented prosperity, because there was genuine incentive for people to relocate to the uSA, work hard and productively, since their respective homelands did not afford them the same rights to their earnings as the newly created Republic.

Now fast-forward in time. Modern Amerika (sic) has become a bastion of commercialism. Corporations have evolved to the point where they enjoy unprecedented profits, but the Amerikan people no longer enjoy property rights. As a matter of fact, most Amerikans believe that they are not entitled to keep what they earn! Most people think that they have to pay taxes to the IRS, or regulatory fees assessed by an endless stream of administrative agencies. Most so-called Amerikans think this state of affairs is normal!

In today’s Amerika, your status in society is determined solely on how many assets you claim as yours, regardless of whether or not you actually own them. Your character is evaluated not on the kind of person you are but rather on how many other people you control. This is just a modernized version of slavery. It matters not what your actions are but rather how you appear to others.

Modern Amerika is spreading the dictum of immediate gratification (the “on-demand world”), disregard for principles in favor of property (go into debt and “own” your own home now), quantity instead of quality, cheap labor instead of good labor, and might makes right. It is spreading these self-destructive philosophies around the world, creating an epidemic of fraud, greed, and rampant commercialism.

If you travel the world, you will find that the majority of people from many different countries or regions think of Amerikans as a decadent people. Why is this?

It seems ludicrous and disingenuous to simply assign as a motivation for this attitude that people are “jealous of our freedoms”. Why should that be so? Why would any people be jealous of others’ freedom? It makes no sense. As a matter of fact, people from all over the world used to be desirous of becoming Amerikans, so from whence has this so-called jealousy arisen?

Isn’t it more reasonable to conclude that Amerika has changed and that the principles on which our Republic was based are no longer being followed diligently? Isn’t it more likely that people are hostile to Amerikans because Amerikans no longer represent to them the principles of truth, justice, freedom and self-determination? Perhaps Amerika is no longer regarded as the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave. Maybe people do not think that becoming an Amerikan will bring them closer to their respective dreams of a better life. Maybe Amerika is no longer thought of as a Land of Opportunity but rather as a place of government oppression.

But this seems insufficient to explain the hostility that so many hold for the United States government and the Amerikan people. What other reasons exist to account for this disparity between our early and current reputations?

I believe that the primary reason why we are disrespected as a people is our lack of any useful cultural identity. France has a culture of fine art, Austria has music, Italy has sculpture, Greece has philosophy… every country on the face of the earth has its traditions, history, and cultural identity. Except, it seems, the united States of America.

What is the Amerikan culture? How do you describe our cultural heritage?

America started with a clear cultural heritage… one of faith and conviction in a Higher Law than the laws of the king or State. Our cultural heritage is defined in our Declaration of Independence by three elements: 1) we are all endowed with certain permanent rights, not by our government but by a Higher Power; 2) we allow governments to exist only so long as they protect our unalienable rights; and 3) whenever any form of government becomes destructive to these ends, it is our right to alter or abolish it! These principles provided the people of the world with hope for a just society and better life. These principles made America the envy of the world.

Today, Amerikans are defined by their greed, arrogance, and self-absorption. Additionally, our society has exiled the Supreme Being and His Higher Laws from its borders. We have allowed our government to become the ruler of the people. We let it imprison our citizens in greater numbers than any other country on the face of the earth - generally without following Due Process of Law. We allow secret tribunals, immunity for government officials who violate the rights of the people, disregard for international law, and circumvention by our governments of our own federal and state constitutions and laws.

We permit heresy and blasphemy within our society. We have allowed one class of professional - attorneys - to take over all three branches of our government. We sue anybody who makes our lives uncomfortable. We have become a lazy and unproductive people, not unlike the Romans during the fall of Rome.

We have become so afraid of offending anybody that there are no absolute principles against which we measure behavior. Therefore, any behavior is acceptable. This shows a lack of conscience and principle, and that is why the rest of the world regards us so poorly.

Every heinous act perpetrated by United States officials is justified by economic statistics. Essentially, the U.S. government exemplifies the admonition that, “The love of money is the root of all evil,” and its actions are tacitly accepted and therefore approved of by the Amerikan people, or at least that is the perception of the rest of the world.

There is not one single aspect of Amerikan society that is based on principle. There is not one area of our society in which standing up for a principle is considered more important than doing the expedient or cost-effective thing.

That is why we are hated throughout the world. It is not jealousy of our freedom, because the United States is the least free country in the world! There are more regulations and government controls placed on the daily lives of the Amerikan people here than elsewhere. I once met a woman from Siberia who had been in the uSA for three weeks. She said that without question, there were more regulations here than in Siberia!

It is time for the Amerikan people to wake up and take The Red Pill. It is time for the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. It is time to face the self-destruction of our society. Only if the Amerikan people do this is there any chance of reclaiming our heritage as a Land of Opportunity and Freedom.

Patrick Henry once said, “I am willing to know the truth, know the whole of it, and prepare for it.” We need people with character, honor and integrity to stand up against the onslaught of corporate commercialism and defend the eternal principles of truth, justice and freedom. That is the only cure for the cultural cancer being spread throughout the world by the ungodly, unprincipled United States government.

If we are to survive, we must follow the path of Truth and Freedom. The only other option is to allow the death of our spiritual selves. Please help save our Republic.