Denial ….It Ain’t a River

Submitted by Freedomman on Tue, 12/29/2009 - 22:15

By Lee Parker

Denial!  I know about denial. And it is NOT a river in Egypt!!  We all know denial, but few recognize that he or she uses it as a form of protection that maintains The Lie.  “What lie?”, you may ask.  “Any lie.” I respond.  Denial is obfuscation of the facts at hand, aka, a lie.

We all live with minor and major denials in our lives.  A minor denial could be that you were late for work because of an accident on the freeway.  You may defend this statement as a situation that happens from time to time.  And your argument might have merit.  But the truth of the matter is that on that particular day you left for work a little later than usual, thinking you had enough time to barely get to the office by starting time, and there was an accident.  If you had left at my regular time, you would have missed the accident or the delay would have been an irritation, but would NOT have caused you to be late.  The denial is your unwillingness to be honest about leaving later than normal.  Yes, the accident caused a delay, but was not the cause of your tardiness.  You were responsible for being late!

One of the major denials of my life was evident when I was drinking.  I knew I had a “drinking problem”.  My father had been an alcoholic and I recognized the behavioral patterns.  However, I never got a DUI, nor was I in an accident because of my drinking.  I wasn’t a “bar fly” nor did I binge drink.  I was a socially acceptable drunk, never out of line, but always slightly inebriated.  Because I wasn’t a fall-down drunk, I was in denial over my addiction to alcohol.  I lived in the state of denial for three years before I went to Alcohol Anonymous and I have been alcohol-free for 16 years now. 

I know about denial.

I have also been in denial about my weight.  I started my first diet at age 12.  At 58 I was still overweight.  I had tried every diet one could imagine.  I did the Atkinson, the Hollywood, the Pineapple, Grapefruit, Pre-digested protein, you-name-it-diet.  I tried everything except for surgical procedures and at the age of 59 I decided that I would NOT be a fat 60 year-old woman.  When I finally got on the scales, I was slapped in the face with the reality that I needed to lose at least 50 pounds!  My denial about my weight had become so convincing that I was, at that point, over 50 pounds heavier than my body needed.  I was no longer “pleasantly plump” nor “menopausal round”….I WAS FAT!! 

I know denial.

Upon facing the denial and committing to “never being fat again” I lost those 50 pounds.  Now, when I gain a pound or two, I return to my healthy eating routine (some would call this a “diet”) and return to my ideal weight.  I am no longer in denial that a container of ice cream will make me feel better.  I no longer talk myself into having a third piece of pizza when I am satisfied with two.  I do not justify eating a bag of potato chips, saying that if I don’t eat them, they will go stale!!  I no longer deny my actions, lying to myself that it is OK to medicate my insecurities or fears with food!  I have resolved the denial that maintained unhealthy eating patterns. 

Having faced some of my own denials, I am more aware than ever of the denials we face as a “free” people.  I am painfully alert of the denial we exhibit as a people that our government is a government “of the People”.  I am conscious of the deceptions and lies that permeate every facet of our lives in this country.  The depth and massiveness of these lies attack the very soul of our county and the hope that man can live as free and independent beings.

Being aware of the devastation that is prevalent wherever the federal United States government becomes involved in the affairs of its citizens or other global citizens, I wonder why others cannot see it.  I am appalled at the numbers of people this government has harmed, both within its borders and beyond.  Looking at the lies around 9-11 and the ensuing “War on Terror” that is a façade for the total control of the American people, I am dismayed that my countrymen and women cannot, or refuse, see the lies.

There is so much “evidence” as to the destruction of the WTC being an inside job, yet the majority of Americans close their eyes and hide their heads so they can maintain the lie that “the government” is here to protect them from outside terrorists, when, they are at the root of the attack.  There are now three men who were in the basement of the WTC and heard bombs explode seconds before the planes hit the towers.  They are coming forth with the TRUTH.

There are more and more people speaking of the corruption and lies that haunts every aspect of the government.  Prisons are filled with men and women who work for companies with governmental contracts at 35 to 75 cents per hour!!  The judicial system is corrupt, rotten from the inside out.  Judge Andrew Napolitano’s book, Constitutional Chaos, When a Government Fails to Follow Its Own Laws, gives detailed information of the corruption within the judicial system.  I wonder if these same judges who sentence 95% of the prison population who have harmed no person hold stock in the privately owned prison system?  Who gains from sentencing men to slave labor camps?  Where does the money go?  Does the prison act as a “temporary” employment agency and bill the contract holder for “services” rendered?  Does the government of the United States profit for enslaving men and women  in prisons?  Are we engaged in more denial?

There are myriad other examples of the denial of the American people when it comes to government.  The biggest denial is that we are a free country and that the Constitution will protect We the People from a corrupt and evil government. 

Another big denial is that “it cannot happen here”.  What can’t happen here?  Look around and see if you can find the ”it”.  “It” can be the stealing of private property by the elimination of eminent domain from the Consitiution.  “It” could be the elimination of “due process of law”, the removal of the “right” to own a gun or the subversion of legal processes designed to protect the People from a government gone wild. ”It” can be the President of the lying to the American people about weapons of mass destruction or Karl Rove. 

Denial does not protect you from yourself and it does not protect you from a government that wishes to control and enslave you and your children.  Denial does not correct the damage done to the greatest system of self-governance ever created by man.  Denial does nothing except maintain the lie it masks.

That is the point and the danger of denial.  It does nothing to correct a problem and manifests itself by damaging an individual, a society, a country.  When denial becomes a way of life, only the evil survives.  Denial is the cancer of the people of these United States of America. Until the denial is faced and the problems corrected our country will continue to slide into the vat of a moral and spiritual acid that will eat away the hearts and souls of each and every one of its citizens.

To correct this addiction of denial we need to address the lie the denial is protecting.  We need to look at Truth and expose the lie that we are supporting.  Denial cannot survive as long as we are willing to maintain a moral foundation of Truth and expose the lies that bind us to denial.  Denial cannot live unless we, the people, allow it.

Don’t you think it is time to end denial and demand that those we have allowed to run our country for US are held accountable for the lies they perpetrate on The People?  What will you do to terminate denial in your life and the life of our public servants?

Won’t you raise your voice and demand that all denial is exposed and all lies are corrected?  If you don’t demand Truth, who will?  If you don’t act now¸ when will you? 

Or will you continue to lie to yourself and maintain the lies that have made you a servant and the government the master?  Please have the courage of your convictions and demand truth over lies and a return to a moral government.  Do it now because tomorrow may be too late.  Don’t stop until all truth is exposed.

In the process you may find that the denials that you have allowed in your life will also be removed and you will live from a righteous foundation of Truth.  I promise you that it is a worthwhile endeavor.