Requiem for a Free Republic

Submitted by Freedomman on Wed, 05/13/2015 - 17:15

by Brent Johnson

I weep for what once was; for the vaunted achievements of intelligent and passionate men; for the blood shed and sacrifices made by those committed to the principles of freedom and self-determination; for the broken dreams of countless generations. I weep for the hope of a free country. I weep for America.

It breaks my heart to see the cancer of greed and self-interest spreading throughout this once great land. The united States of America today looks nothing like the America our forefathers fought and died to establish. It does not even remotely resemble the country that our brethren laid down their lives to defend - unsuccessfully - during the War Between the States (Civil War).

If you open your eyes and observe what is going on throughout our once great country, you will find the creeping evil of fascism oozing into everyday society, seeping through the cracks in our no-longer-free Republic. For example:


  • It is not uncommon to find random checkpoints set up in metropolitan areas and on major interstate highways.
  • Random searches at sports and entertainment events are rapidly becoming a standard of American life.
  • People are attacked and even prosecuted for expressing their opinions; free speech in America is gone.
  • Americans who are exercising their right to assemble and demonstrate peacefully have been arrested, in direct violation of the First Amendment to the Constitution for the United States; freedom of assembly in America is gone.
  • Martial law has illegally and unconstitutionally been imposed in various areas of our country; freedom of movement in America is gone.
  • Firearm confiscation has been initiated by local law enforcement agencies, in direct violation of the Second Amendment to the Constitution for the United States; freedom to defend yourself in America is gone.
  • The federal government has violated every one of the Ten Articles of the Bill of Rights. Since violations of the Bill of Rights are ultra vires and therefore void in law, the entire federal government is criminal, and thereby invalid.

Is this the America you read about in history textbooks? Is this the same country that you were taught was the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave? Does this look like the Republic that our Founding Fathers died to establish and their descendants fought to preserve?

Or does modern America more closely resemble the regimes of Stalin, Mussolini, or even Hitler? Never have I seen so many comparisons of our country to the most heinous dictatorial regimes of the 20th Century. Can you even see the similarities of our country today to these oppressive regimes, or have you become sufficiently blinded by the dissemination of half-truths, outright lies, and general misinformation by both the government and the mainstream media to ever see such troubling truths?

Any purported government that circumvents the Rule of Law is an invalid body politic. It is null and void, and its actions have no legitimate bearing on anything whatsoever. Such a government is a criminal government. Such a government is an illegally seated government.

The United States government is just such an occupying force, having usurped authority over the American people. It is illegally ruling the Republic of the united States of America! Under both American and international law, usurpation is the legal justification for an armed Revolution!

Most people cannot accept the logic of my conclusions. They are simply too far beyond what most people are prepared and willing to accept as their realities. That is unfortunate, because my conclusions are nevertheless true. The greatest strength of the vampire is that nobody believes in the existence of vampires. The Devil’s biggest advantage is in a general lack of belief in his existence.

In keeping with America’s progress down the road of totalitarianism, oppression and tyranny, we have established a Tyranny Alert Advisory System, modeled after the Department of Homeland Security’s Terrorist Alert Advisory System.

You can find the actual graphic image of the Tyranny Alert Advisory System on the home page of The Voice of Freedom web site at The various levels of the system are:

1 - Green - Low - low risk of government tyranny
everything is as it should be
citizen diligence and vigilance is at a peak

2 - Blue - Guarded - general risk of government tyranny
government is imposing too many restrictions
the scourge of government oppression is creeping in on the people

3 - Yellow - Elevated - significant risk of government tyranny
government has instituted oppressive laws and regulations
the people are acting too accepting and complaisant

4 - Orange - High - high risk of government tyranny
government has initiated detention of its own citizens for political incorrectness
government has unconstitutionally imposed martial law
government has attempted firearms confiscation

5 - Red - Severe - severe risk of government tyranny
absolute totalitarianism
government has illegally taken over our country and usurped all authority
military rule
police state

To Live… Perchance to Dream

I am a dreamer.

I dream of a land in which I can enjoy my life, liberty and property without the constant scourge of government intrusion.

I dream of a place where the rights of the individual are considered to be sacrosanct; where no government can ever violate the individual rights of one citizen.

I dream of a country that respects and honors the Rule of Law in all matters; that never circumvents Due Process of Law, regardless of its inconveniences and difficulties.

I dream of a people with sufficient character to rule their government officials firmly but fairly; a people who hold accountable any public servants who abuse their authority or overstep their lawful powers. I envision a place where criminals in government are actually prosecuted, losing their liberty and property as the consequence of their illegal actions.

I dream of a Republic in which the people are recognized as being Sovereign; where the government is administered by public servants, who know that they are servants of the people, who are truly their rightful masters.

I dream of my country; the united States of America.

I dream… I hope… and I weep for what has been lost.


Brent Johnson is Director of Freedom Bound International, a common law service center dedicated to the preservation of personal freedom, privacy rights and the Declaration of Independence. He may be reached at 1-888-385-FREE or on-line at