Plausible Deniability

Submitted by Freedomman on Wed, 10/01/2014 - 20:03

by Brent Johnson

In Washington, D.C., the seat of government and the heart of corruption and tyranny in the Fascist Police States of Amerika, there is one principle overshadowing everything else that happens in politics. Newcomers to the political scene learn to apply this principle before anything else. Elected or appointed officeholders, attorneys, law enforcement officials, bureaucrats at every level of government find out that if you want to survive in politics, you must adhere to this single, primary principle… plausible deniability.

It works something like this: you can do anything you want, legal or illegal, if you only preserve the plausible appearance that you didn’t know what you were doing. Never admit any wrongdoing, do not answer questions directly or clearly, always speak with a certain degree of obscurity or ambiguity so that at a later time you can revise what you said or did.

Even altruists, idealists, those men and women who enter politics because they really believe they can change the face of government for the betterment of the Amerikan people, find themselves corrupted through the incessant application of plausible deniability.

It is for this reason that I do not believe there exist political solutions to the problems of corruption in government. Since plausible deniability means that the Amerikan people cannot expect honesty in any level of government, it follows that they cannot trust government to repair itself. Therefore, voting in new officials won’t work, citizen referendums won’t work, and petitioning government for redress of grievances won’t work. In other words, if we cannot trust the officials in our government, then we cannot rely on those same officials to correct what is wrong with government.

Several years ago, then President Bill Clinton established the Commission on Civic Renewal. Its mandate was to hold public hearings in order to learn why the Amerikan people don’t trust their government! I immediately contacted the commission, forwarding my extensive credentials and expressing my desire to testify before the commission. I was willing to fly to Washington, D.C. at my own expense in order to appear before the commission.

Three months later, I received a full-color glossy newsletter (paid for by taxpayer funds), providing a status report on the hearings. I was stunned that I had received no reply to my inquiry, so I contacted the commission; I spoke with the man who actually made the decision as to who would testify before this commission. He explained to me that individuals - regardless of their credentials - were not being allowed to participate in these so-called public hearings. When I asked him why, he told me - I will never forget what he said - that “the Amerikan people are not qualified to answer the question” as to why they do not trust the government!

College and University professors and academicians participated, as did any group that could further its agenda (including Neo-Nazis - I asked) but ordinary Amerikans were excluded.

If I had been allowed to testify before the Commission on Civic Renewal as to why the Amerikan people do not trust their government, I would have explained it in very few words… because their government lies to them all the time! However, such directness is frowned upon in Washington, D.C., because it circumvents the time-honored principle of plausible deniability. After all, there is no denying that government lies and that is such a rational reason for not trusting government, that it leaves very little leeway for obscuring the issue.

When was the last time you remember a high government official being punished for anything at all? I’m not talking about reprimands or even fines; when was the last time a government official was sent to prison? More important, when was the last time that a government official who actually did harm to the Amerikan people was sent to prison? True, there have been scapegoats and politically incorrect officials, such as James Traficant, but they don’t count because they opposed the corruption of the federal government. Can you remember one time that a government official who deserved to go to jail, did? The Clinton “impeachment” trial is a perfect example of justice gone haywire. There was no trial, evidence was not allowed, it was a travesty of Amerikan jurisprudence.

It would be an interesting experiment to impose a strict law prohibiting government officials from lying. How about if we automatically and immediately fired any elected or appointed government official that lied? The official loses all pensions, benefits, salary, etc. What do you think would happen? Most people I have asked suggest that such a law would result in every Member of Congress resigning. Think about that! If they could not lie, they would not serve! What does that say about those who sit in the halls of Congress or the White House or Supreme Court or any federal agency? They are professional liars! Plausible deniability is their credo, their mantra. These people do not know how to do their jobs without lying!

Have you ever wondered why you never seem to be able to get a straight answer from a government official? Plausible deniability, that’s why.

Plausible deniability permeates every nook and cranny of every branch of government. It is next to impossible to expect such an environment to yield justice or even fairness, because the system itself is a magnet for those who perpetrate injustice and unfairness.

When a government allows its agents and representatives to break established laws and rules with impunity, it inevitably attracts as agents and representatives, the kind of people who seek to break laws and rules. They have no disincentive because everyone knows to maintain plausible deniability and so nobody is ever held accountable for his or her actions. Thereafter, even more thugs and hoodlums apply to be government agents and representatives, who then perpetrate even more heinous crimes against the people, and the cycle never ends.

You may ask, “What are we to do if we lack a legitimate form of redress for our grievances?” It’s a good question, but I suspect that most of you would really not like my answer.

Since the government has made it impossible for the Amerikan people to petition for redress of grievances, all that is left is armed or unarmed resistance. I think it is time for a New Revolution. I believe that people must stop cooperating with government regulations, stop paying government taxes, stop obeying government rules. I believe that if there is to be any chance of restoring our freedoms, people must fight against government controls of any kind, because a corrupt government will always turn legitimate and desirable controls against the people they are supposed to protect, and the Fascist Police States of Amerika government is arguably the most corrupt government on the face of the earth.

I believe that to seek the Truth is to seek the Creator’s Word, and that there is no higher calling, no greater purpose.

We must deny to those who seek to subvert our most basic institutions, the option of escaping accountability for their actions. We must expose for all the world to see, the unrelenting series of lies upon which our society has been built. We must destroy the foundations of evil that have been etched into the bedrock of our land.

We must return to Truth, the whole Truth, and nothing but the Truth.

Brent Johnson is Director of Freedom Bound International, a common law service center dedicated to the preservation of personal freedom, privacy rights and the Declaration of Independence.  He may be reached at 1-888-385-FREE or on-line at