It’s Not My Law!

Submitted by Freedomman on Wed, 11/06/2013 - 18:12

By Brent Johnson

Do you obey the law? Are you a law-abiding Citizen, who respects law and order?

Don’t be so quick with your “yes” answer because frankly, I don’t believe you! That’s right! I believe you break the law all the time!

Hear me out, before you become incredulous and defensive. Did you know that every time you eat a cheeseburger, you are breaking the Mosaic laws of nutrition? Or when you ladies leave the house without a veil covering your face, you are breaking Islamic law? Speaking out about truth and freedom is against the law in China. Or how about the law, still on the books in Tacoma, Washington, that requires every adult male to sport full facial hair? That’s right, if you are a man and do not have a beard and moustache, then you are breaking the law!

Oh, I can hear you now, “But these laws don’t apply to me! They’re old, or they are laws of foreign countries or religions or jurisdictions.” In other words, you are saying, “It’s not my law!”

You see, anything can be said to be a law. When I make rules for my home and office, then I have laid down the law for my home and office. I can do this because I am the ruler of my home and office, which means that I make the “laws” that govern those areas. However, I cannot extend my authority beyond my home and office; I cannot compel another to obey the “laws” that I have set down to govern my home and office, unless he enters into my home or office, because my law is not necessarily his law!

In other words, just because something is a law does not mean that you, specifically, are required to obey it. As a matter of fact, most laws are not your laws, if you consider that you live in only one county in one state in one country, while there are laws governing hundreds of countries and states, and tens- or even hundreds-of-thousands of counties, provincialities, townships, etc. around the world, most of which laws do not apply to you!

The Creator’s LawWhen it comes to freeborn Americans, their law is the Law of their Creator, the “Law of Nature and Nature’s God” (Declaration of Independence 1776). That is the Law that governs sovereign people everywhere, because it is from the Creator’s Law that your rights and liberty originate. The Creator’s Law may be summed up with the Ten Commandments, which establish a series of Laws to prohibit the people from doing certain things, and leave them otherwise free to regulate their own lives.

Statutory Law

The United States government, including all federal, state, and local government corporations, is organized and operates under statutory law, which is the same as private commercial law and diametrically different from the Creator’s Law. Under statutory law, individual rights are regarded as unimportant. Statutory law allows for accused parties to be presumed guilty, for probable cause to be based on anonymous and uncorroborated “evidence”, and for people to be imprisoned for crimes that involve no damaged party whatsoever. Statutory law does not recognize the authority of the Constitution. Statutory law provides government with tools to establish an absolute tyranny over the people.

The Redemption Process

The so-called and popular “Redemption Process”, which was introduced several years ago as a method of discharging government debts and forestalling government jurisdiction, is a perfect example of a process that utilizes the wrong law. Proponents say you can keep your government privileges and benefits; that all you have to do is “Accept for Value” any service by government that seeks to deprive you of life, liberty, or property, and the government cannot legally proceed.

While this may be technically true, the law on which this argument is based is statutory law (i.e. the law of government). If some bureaucrat decides to ignore the law to your detriment, how will you seek justice? By suing in the statutory courts under statutory law, or petitioning a government bureaucrat (judge) for your relief? So what do you intend to do when your motion or appeal is denied, or your lawsuit is dismissed on a legal technicality?

The point is that if you follow a process that depends on statutory law for its existence, then you place your fate in the hands of government bureaucrats who do not seek justice, but rather only look to maintain control and generate revenue. That is the great flaw in the “Redemption Process”.


Whenever you enter into any arrangement with government, directly or indirectly, you place yourself under private commercial statutory law, which is always unfair to individual rights. When you request a license or permit or registration from any level of government, you abandon the protections provided to sovereign Citizens by the Constitution, literally throwing yourself on the mercy of the corrupt statutory court system. If you want a government privilege or benefit, you must waive your rights under the fundamental Law of your Creator, and submit yourself to statutory authority. Otherwise, you will not be granted the privilege or benefit.

This leaves you with a most important choice, one that will affect just about every aspect of your life: will you stand true to the Law from which your rights originate, even in the face of inconvenience, frustration, threat, duress and coercion, or will you abandon the Creator’s Law in order to enjoy the fruit of government socialistic programs, thereby acceding to its statutory law?

Will you waive your rights to obtain government privileges and benefits, or will you defend the rights gifted to you by your Almighty Creator?

On your decision rests the fate of our Republic, and perhaps the entire free world.

Brent Johnson is Director of Freedom Bound International, a common law service center dedicated to the preservation of personal freedom, privacy rights and the Declaration of Independence. He may be reached at 1-888-385-FREE or on-line at