Top student thanks alcoholic teacher and negligent counselor for teaching her to fend for herself

Submitted by Freedomman on Wed, 06/19/2019 - 23:08

Brilliantly embarrasses school district by exposing the truth.

SAN YSIDRO, Kalifornia (PNN) - June 14, 2019 - A Kalifornia valedictorian went off script during her commencement address, slamming an alcoholic teacher who was escorted out of school and a guidance counselor who she thanked for “letting me fend for myself” due to being “always unavailable to my parents and me despite appointments”.

Over one million march in protests against China extradition bill

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HONG KONG (PNN) - June 9, 2019 - Over one million Hong-kongers (according to the organizers; 240,000 according to the terrorist pig thug cops), or one in seven, flooded Hong Kong’s streets on Sunday to oppose a proposed extradition bill that would allow Beijing to take people from Hong Kong to stand trial in mainland China.

Kiwis say no to gun ban

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WELLINGTON, New Zealand (PNN) - June 10, 2019 - New Zealand politicians who rushed to enact nationwide gun confiscation following the Christchurch mosque massacres are befuddled by the lack of enthusiasm from citizens who have yet to comply with the new gun confiscation law. The so-called “gun reform” was expected to rid the vast New Zealand countryside of most semi-automatic firearms, magazines over a specified limit, and shotguns.

Give up your phone password or go to jail

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TAMPA, Florida (PNN) - June 9, 2019 - William Montanez is used to getting stopped by the terrorist pig thug cops in Tampa, Florida, for small-time traffic and marijuana violations; it’s happened to him more than a dozen times. When they pulled him over last June, he didn’t try to hide his pot, telling terrorist pig thug cops, “Yeah, I smoke it, there’s a joint in the center console, you gonna arrest me for that?”

They did arrest him, not only for the marijuana but also for two small bottles they believed contained THC oil - a felony - and for having a firearm while committing that felony (they found a handgun in the glove box).

Then things got testy.

Journalist seeks to expose a fake BBC video about Syria

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LONDON, England (PNN) - May 31, 2019 - A former local newspaper reporter, Robert Stuart, is taking on the British Broadcasting Corporation. Stuart believes that a sensational video story about an alleged atrocity in Syria “was largely, if not entirely, staged.” The BBC would like it all to just go away. But Stuart will not back down or let it go. It has been proposed that the BBC could settle the issue by releasing the raw footage from the event, but it refuses to do this.

Pig thug cops brought sledgehammers to a journalist's house

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Luke Rudkowski and Jason Bermas of WeAreChange explain how terrorist pig thug cops in the Fascist Police States of Amerika and around the world are attacking journalists, threatening news reporters with jail time if they do not reveal their sources about stories that could embarrass the government.

See video

Italians put Amerikans to shame by refusing to cooperate

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Luke Rudkowski and Jason Bermas of WeAreChange speak about what the people of Italy are doing to stand against the corrupt and illegal war in Yemen. The Amerikan people should be ashamed that the Italians are acting the way they should be acting. Amerikans have failed to take a stand against corruption while the Italian people are fighting against this unjust war.

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Revolution in Poland as nation confronts priestly abuse

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WARSAW, Poland (PNN)- May 25, 2019 - One victim spoke out, and then another, and another. A statue of a pedophile priest was toppled in Gdansk, put back by his supporters, and finally dismantled for good. A feature film about clerical abuse was a box office hit.

Poland thought it had started confronting the problem of clerical abuse and its cover-up by church authorities. Then a bombshell came. A documentary with victim testimony so harrowing it has forced an unprecedented reckoning with pedophile priests in one of Europe’s most deeply Catholic societies.

Commentary: Let’s think at a higher level

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By Jacob G. Hornberger

May 15, 2019 - One of the distinguishing characteristics between libertarians and non-libertarians is with respect to the welfare-warfare state way of life. Libertarians are committed to dismantling, repealing, abolishing, or ending it, while conservatives and progressives are committed to maintaining its existence and simply reforming it.

Commentary: Average college freshman reads at 7th grade level

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By Professor Doom.

April 27, 2019 - In the old days, getting into college was a big deal - you had to be a good student, have some solid extracurricular activities, and generally pass an entrance exam as well as demonstrate you can write a decent “Why I Want to Go to College” essay.

When the fascist federal government decided to back student loans, giving them to every degree seeking student, it was hailed as a good thing, but a big mistake was made: the loans were for “tuition,” not for a set amount, so colleges could charge whatever they wanted. Eager to make ever more money, our leaders in higher education raised tuition to whatever felt right, and “more” always felt right.