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Judge sentences Virginia gun-rights advocate Adam Kokesh to probation

Submitted by Freedomman on Wed, 01/22/2014 - 20:17

WASHINGTON (PNN) - January 18, 2014 - A D.C. Superior Court judge Friday placed Adam Kokesh, the Fairfax County gun-rights advocate, on two years of probation in connection with an Independence Day incident in which he videotaped himself loading a shotgun in Freedom Plaza, near the White House.

Actor Russell Brand wants a revolution

Submitted by Freedomman on Wed, 01/22/2014 - 20:14

CAMBRIDGE, England - January 16, 2014 - Actor Russell Brand told college students that drastic measures were needed to seize power from the corporate and political elites.

“They’re only in charge of us if we allow it,” Brand said. “Complete noncompliance, complete disobedience, then the alternatives will emerge. We need to create a paradigm that makes the old one obsolete. That’s what we have to do. Not comply (with) it, because then we’ll get drip-fed little measures. ‘Oh, well, we’ve given you recycling bins.’ Thanks! The planet’s still f*cked.”

Patriot hero and author Sheriff Jack McLamb passes

Submitted by Freedomman on Wed, 01/15/2014 - 19:08

KAMIAH, Idaho (PNN) - January 12, 2014 - It is with much deep sentiment that we write to advise that our much beloved friend and brother, Jack McLamb, passed away on Saturday, late afternoon, Indiana time. Though he is missed far more than any words can say, all who loved him are grateful to know that Jack is at last freed from the physical disabilities that increasingly plagued him, especially these past few years. For the blessed relief that has come to him, we certainly have great reason to rejoice.

Mexican vigilante gunmen disarm local pig thug cops

Submitted by Freedomman on Wed, 01/15/2014 - 18:51

PARACUARO, Mexico (PNN) - January 6, 2014 - Hundreds of armed vigilantes stormed a Mexican town and arrested federal terrorist pig thug cops in the latest bloody battle between residents, criminal gangs, and terrorist pig thug cops locals say are in league with the gang members.

Brave man gets arrested as an act of defiance to end cannabis prohibition

Submitted by Freedomman on Wed, 01/01/2014 - 21:01

CHARLOTTE, North Carolina (PNN) - December 27, 2013 - As the war on cannabis continues in most U.S. states, one brave North Carolinian who openly grows his own medical cannabis plants - and broadcasts this fact publicly - has intentionally taken the fall in a bold move that could be the spark that eventually ends cannabis prohibition in the so-called "Bible Belt," an area of the country that has seen the least proactive change with regard to cannabis reform.

Release Us - a short film on police brutality MUST SEE!!

Submitted by Freedomman on Wed, 12/25/2013 - 17:10

500 innocent Amerikans are murdered by terrorist pig thug cops every year, for a total of 5,000 since September 11, 2001 - equal to the number of all Fascist Police States of Amerika soldiers lost in Iraq. Billions of dollars have been spent and dozens of laws have been passed, all geared towards the fascist government using the "War on Drugs" and "War on Terror" to attack the lives, liberties and properties of the Amerikan people. Fantastic video!

See video

Matt Damon speaks about civil disobedience

Submitted by Freedomman on Wed, 12/04/2013 - 20:56

Actor Matt Damon speaks about civil disobedience, reading from a 1970 speech given by activist Howard Zinn. He reminds us of the Hitler and Stalin regimes, wherein ordinary people simply did what they were told to do; they blindly obeyed. He rails against the Rule of Law as it is applied today. Good, conscionable people must be willing to rise up and resist illegitimate authority. It is time to disobey the laws of the State and return to the principles enshrined in the Declaration of Independence! Revolution Now! Independence Forever!

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New tax law driving expats to renounce FPSA citizenship

Submitted by Freedomman on Wed, 12/04/2013 - 20:48

WASHINGTON (PNN) - November 27, 2013 - For Ruth Anne Freeborn, it boiled down to a choice between country and family. Born in Oklahoma, Freeborn has lived in Kingston, Ontario, for more than 30 years as an Amerikan expatriate, with a Canadian husband and 22-year-old son.

Terrorist cops murder man for watering his lawn

Submitted by Freedomman on Wed, 11/27/2013 - 18:37

Family awarded 6.5 million dollars but murderous cops go free.

SANTA ANA, Kalifornia (PNN) - November 27, 2013 - Douglas Zerby was finishing up watering his lawn when neighbors, completely brainwashed by the police state, called terrorist pig thug cops because they saw Zerby holding what they thought was a gun. It was actually a water hose nozzle.

Bulgarian students demand end to government corruption

Submitted by Freedomman on Wed, 11/27/2013 - 18:35

SOFIA, Bulgaria (PNN) - November 18, 2013 - Ivaylo Dinev believes the time has come to change his world. To do so, he's chosen a tactic straight from the 1960s the sit-in.

The 24-year-old anthropology student is the informal leader of a group that has occupied Sofia University's main building since the end of October in hopes of forcing Bulgaria's Socialist-led government to resign.

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