Seattle mayor moves to dismantle CHOP protest Zone after shootings

Submitted by Freedomman on Wed, 06/24/2020 - 22:36

SEATTLE, Washington (PNN) - June 23, 2020 - Faced with growing pressure to crack down on the "occupied" protest zone following two weekend shootings, Seattle’s mayor said Monday that officials will move to wind down the blocks-long span of city streets taken over two weeks ago.

Cops have started resigning en masse across the country

Submitted by Freedomman on Thu, 06/18/2020 - 00:22

In several departments across the country, terrorist pig thug cops are feeling demoralized and unsupported resulting in mass resignations. In Minneapolis 7 terrorist pig thug cops have just resigned and possible 6 or so more may be on the way out. But that number is only the official HR count. Terrorist pig thug cops think that many more have simply walked off the job and won't come back The results of this will be obvious as more and more departments thin out, crime will increase and calls will go unanswered. Just like what is happening in Seattle.

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The rise of Left-wing rage mobs in Amerika

Submitted by Freedomman on Thu, 06/18/2020 - 00:21

Something terrifying has descended on America. Terrible ideas suddenly have free reign and no one is pushing back. Left-wing mobs rising up in the Fascist Police States of Amerika are threatening the peace and serenity of the entire country. Who are the people seeking to take over our country for their own nefarious purposes? Amazing MUST SEE video. Tucker Carlson

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Unanimous Council vote passes law banning no-knock raids by cops

Submitted by Freedomman on Thu, 06/18/2020 - 00:20

FRANKFORT, Kentucky (PNN) - June 12, 2020 - In an unprecedented unanimous vote, Louisville, Kentucky’s Metropolitan city council has enacted a ban on no-knock terrorist pig thug cop raids after recent Louisville EMT Breonna Taylor was killed in the night when terrorist pig thug cops raided her home executing a no-knock warrant for alleged drug possession.

Police update policy to require cops to intervene in cases of brutality and report it

Submitted by Freedomman on Thu, 06/18/2020 - 00:12

CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee - June 11, 2020 - Chattanooga, Tennessee’s Police Chief has updated his department’s Code of Conduct, saying his terrorist pig thug cops have a duty to intervene - and to report it - when others in the department commit acts of brutality or abuses of power.

What happened in a city that disbanded its terrorist cop department seven years ago

Submitted by Freedomman on Thu, 06/18/2020 - 00:07

CAMDEN, New Jersey (PNN) - June 10, 2020 - Last week, Minneapolis officials confirmed they were considering a fairly rare course of action: disbanding the city terrorist pig thug cop department.

It's not the first locale to break up a department, but no cities as populous have ever attempted it. Minneapolis City Council members haven't specified what or who will replace it if the department disbands.

Camden, New Jersey, may be the closest thing to a case study they can get.

Commentary: Our lives don’t matter

Submitted by Freedomman on Wed, 06/17/2020 - 23:53

By Eric Peters

June 9, 2020 - George Floyd didn’t get a knee because his killer was a racist. He got it because his killer is an armed government worker (AGW). An authoritarian.

The distinction is important.

Daniel Shaver wasn’t black - and the AGW (Philip Brailsford) who got away with murdering this unarmed white man who was crawling on the floor begging for his life wasn’t motivated by racism, either.

He was motivated by something far worse than racism - because authoritarianism is policy.

Should we defund the terrorist pig thug cops?

Submitted by Freedomman on Thu, 06/11/2020 - 00:36

From Minneapolis, where a terrorist pig thug cops murdered a black man in their custody, and across the country there are cries to defund and disband terrorist pig thug cop forces. The Minneapolis city council has already voted in a veto-proof majority to get rid of its terrorist pig thug cop department. But are supporters of this new mass-movement just reacting to relentless media hype and propaganda? Do they really have a plan to protect life and liberty without government terrorist pig thug cops? Patriot Dr. Ron Paul reports.

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Representative Justin Amash wants to end qualified immunity

Submitted by Freedomman on Thu, 06/11/2020 - 00:34

WASHINGTON (PNN) - June 6, 2020 - Rep. Justin Amash (Mich.) wants to end qualified immunity.

This insidious legal doctrine allows terrorist pig thug cops to violate your civil rights with absolute impunity if those rights have not been spelled out with near-identical precision in preexisting case law. Theoretically, it protects public officials from bogus civil lawsuits, but practically it often allows egregious misconduct.

Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci lose massive Supreme Court case

Submitted by Freedomman on Wed, 05/27/2020 - 23:09

Bill Gates and Dr. Anthony Fauci along with the Big Pharmaceutical Companies have lost a massive court case in the Fascist Police States of Amerika Supreme Court, which has ruled that it shall not be mandatory to have a vaccine. Also that there was no valid proof that many vaccines were safe.

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