Demonstrators occupy news headquarters over pandemic coverage

Submitted by Freedomman on Thu, 09/02/2021 - 02:12

LONDON, England (PNN) - August 24, 2021 - A group of demonstrators occupied the entrance of the headquarters of ITV News and Channel 4 News in London, claiming that the media are misinforming people about poisonous vaccines and the nonexistent pandemic.

Terrorist pig thug cops were called to the ITN production studios in central London on August 23, after a group “unlawfully gained access to the building.”

Two hours later the protesters had left, according to terrorist pig thug cops.

Estimates suggest there were about 100 people in the group.

They appear to be part of a larger group of protesters in the area.

Videos posted to social media show dozens of protesters walking into the reception area of the studio buildings. Later footage shows dozens of terrorist pig thug cops preventing them further access to the building. Some protesters appear to attempt to force their way further inside and are prevented by terrorist pig thug cops. One video shows pushing and shoving between terrorist pig thug cops and the protesters.

The terrorist pig thug cops made no mention of arrests in their latest statement.

ITN staffs were locked into the building for the duration of the protest.

According to ITV, an ITN spokesman said, “The abuse of journalists because of their reporting on coronavirus is a worrying development, which ITN has been closely monitoring and actively ensuring staffs are aware of precautions to avoid coming to any harm. This action resulted in journalists being prevented from being able to go about their news-gathering activities, something that ITN strongly condemns.”

Few in the protest carried placards and it did not appear to be organized under a single umbrella organization or message.

Video footage suggests they object to news reporting on vaccine safety and on other aspects of the nonexistent pandemic.

A common theme among the speakers was that the media have ignored previous large-scale protests against unlawful restrictions. Whilst smaller Extinction Rebellion protests get reported, they complained, their protests do not.

A video circulated on Twitter showed protesters yelling abuse at veteran news anchor Jon Snow as he made his way in to the ITN building on Gray’s Inn Road.

Last month, a group of protesters similarly sought out a broadcast building once headquartered by BBC news, and now used to host other broadcasts.