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About Technological Revolution | Revolution Now!

About Technological Revolution

Major innovations and technologies represent socio-technological revolution.

The Industrial Revolution, Technology Revolution, Information Revolution, Digital Revolution, etc. - all these pave the way for major changes in society. They represent the catalysts by which societies evolve and grow towards the pinnacle of their hopes and aspirations.

Revolution Now! encourages innovation, individual creativity, and technological experimentation in order to forge the paths of future socio-technological revolutions.

For every oppressive technology the enemy devises, we must invent a counter-technology to defeat it. We can and will keep ahead of the tyrants if we use our intelligence to defuse their technologies.

We the People can design technologies to counter and defeat the high-tech mechanisms that government tyrannies are currently employing and developing to use against their people.

It is through these life-changing sparks of inventiveness and creativity that a society grows into more than it previously was.

Revolution Now! Independence Forever!