What Have We Wrought?

Submitted by Freedomman on Wed, 04/25/2018 - 23:35

By Brent Johnson

What have we wrought?

What have we allowed?

What have we done?

Our forefathers fought an unwinnable war against insurmountable forces, yet they carried with them a passion for liberty unprecedented in modern history, fueled by a conviction that their cause was just and that a Higher Power than the king would “raise up others to fight” (Patrick Henry) their righteous battles. Never mind that they had no chance against the better trained, better armed British troops… David defeated Goliath.

Did you know that according to the laws of aerodynamics, the bumblebee cannot fly? But the bumblebee doesn’t know that so he just goes on flying anyway. The American Revolutionists disregarded the practical reality that they could not win… and they won, anyway.

These brave men and the women who supported their efforts gave to their posterity, a Republic founded on individual rights, in which all levels of government were strictly limited and where government served rather than ruled the people. They gave us a righteous and moral society, with fundamental principles based on scriptural concepts of Right and Wrong. What a precious gift! What an amazing bequest!

And what have we done with that precious gift? We have pissed it away, turning away from the principles we were given and rather embarking on a path of greed, self-deception, and utter socialism. We have abandoned our forefathers’ efforts and instead taken the easy road to servitude. We have asked… no, we have demanded that our government “take care of us”, even though that is not its purpose (“…To secure these rights, government are instituted…” - Declaration of Independence, 1776). We have willingly surrendered our God-given rights in exchange for the feelings of temporary safety and security granted us by our government. We have departed from the scriptural teachings that rest at the foundation of our society, preferring to leave the important decisions that affect our lives to others. We have abdicated our rightful place as rulers of these united States of America so that we need not take on the heavy responsibility of maintaining our freedom.

Frankly, I think that last item is the real point. I believe that most people are terrified of accepting responsibility for their own lives, because if they end up not being happy they cannot blame their misery on circumstances, government, or anything else. Such a degree of responsibility is extremely frightening for people who have not been taught how to cope with life. They think it is better and safer to let others make decisions for them and just tell them what to do.

If our Founding Fathers were to examine the state of our Republic today, they would turn in their graves. They would wonder why they had even bothered. After all, they were mostly wealthy, learned and well-positioned men in society. They did not need to give up all of their property and positions by rebelling against the king… they did it because they thought a free country was worth any risk.

They could not have imagined that their precious Republic would be turned into a murder factory, killing more than forty million unborn children. What if one of those children was destined to be the next American Saviour? Or even the Second Coming?

And for what reason have these children been destroyed? So that women can enjoy sex (fornication) and go to work without worrying about the inconvenience of pregnancy. Scripturally speaking, women are the carriers of the human race. Raising children is their primary responsibility as women, and it is a holy service they perform. Those who disparage motherhood are deplorable in that they undermine the very fabric of our society and teach others to do so, too.

The government has removed scripture, God, biblical teachings, even prayer from public areas. Schools do not teach morality but have rather been relegated to educating children to grow up to be mindless, obedient servants of government. Individual thinking, from which America was born,  is frowned upon rather than encouraged. The lack of absolutes, the elimination of any standards of Right or Wrong, has resulted in our modern-day society housing murderous children. Children kill other children, their own parents, teachers… anyone who gets in their way. This could not happen in a society governed by moral laws.

Courthouses - the symbols of law and justice in our society - have been ordered to remove any mention of God or scripture, because someone might be offended by the presence of religious symbols or ideas. What a tragedy! Most Americans today are either so perverse that they would object to religious displays on public property, or too wimpy to stand against such outrageous demands. The law that was established on religious principles of Right and Wrong has itself removed any reference to scripture from its buildings, fortifications, and processes.

Whereas our Founding Fathers were unanimously opposed to any kind of standing army, we have allowed a criminal government to establish the largest standing army in the world! This includes the Armed Services and the so-called federal “alphabet” agencies like FEMA, FBI, BATF, etc., as well as federal and state police. There is no constitutional authority for a police force! Only the county sheriff is authorized to act as a peace officer. There is no lawful government power to summarily arrest the liberty of Americans and demand to see if their papers (driver license, registration, etc.) are in order and then issue citations and proffer fines because they did not buckle their safety belts. These are usurped powers and few have expressed either the outrage or the willingness to stand against such un-American activities.

Whereas our Founding Fathers clearly and often expounded on the necessity of the people themselves to remain armed in order to preserve the sanctity of freedom and individual rights from any efforts by government to infringe upon them, government officials have declared that only police and other “authorities” have the right to carry firearms. Further, police are being trained to disregard the Second Amendment completely. Internal polls are regularly taken among law enforcement officials, to determine what percentage of them would obey an (illegal) order to confiscate the guns of law-abiding Citizens.

Whereas our Founding Fathers established clear barriers to government powers to ensure that the rights of the people to justice, trial by jury, and freedom from cruel and unusual punishment were not violated, today’s courts do not hesitate to imprison Americans for 25-50 years for crimes that do not even involve a victim. This, despite the fact that under the legal system we were given, there is no crime without a victim!

The united States of America was founded as a land where the Rule of Law was sacrosanct, and where government could never sidestep or circumvent it. Nevertheless, federal and state governments currently operate completely outside of any legitimate Rule of Law, while the people meekly allow these atrocities to our freedom to continue.

The United States government has intentionally disregarded every Article of our Bill of Rights, always coming up with excuses to justify their violation of our highest laws, even though government has no authority to reinterpret the Constitution to suit itself! That’s right. Nowhere does the Constitution – the Supreme Law of the Land – authorize even the Supreme Court to interpret it. Government is the creation of the Constitution, not the reverse. The creation can never dictate meaning to the Creator.

We have allowed a government to exist in our land, which murders its own people, destroys their lives, steals their property, imprisons their righteous, and oppresses them for its own evil designs. We have abandoned our children to the teachings of this evil government. We have shamefully ignored our own responsibilities to keep our country on the right path, and to risk our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor to abolish the illegal, criminal government that has emerged in our midst.

What have we wrought?

What have we allowed?

What have we done?

And what are you now prepared to do to fix it?

Brent Johnson is Director of Freedom Bound International, a common law service center dedicated to the preservation of personal freedom, privacy rights, and the Declaration of Independence.  He may be reached at 1-888-385-FREE or on-line at www.freedomradio.us.