Locations of directional arrows to instruct military during state of emergency!

Submitted by Freedomman on Mon, 08/10/2009 - 13:44

Military direction arrows may be found throughout Amerika.  They are generally painted arrows on rural or urban roadways, frequently running off the road and into forests or unpopulated areas.  They have also been found in some places running against the main traffic flow; many interstate highways have these arrows painted on the backs of signs.

These directional indicators are believed to be intended for use during a declared emergency, when military transports may be attempting to get to established locations from which to exercise their combined might against the freedom of the general population.

If you see any arrows, symbols or signs that you think might be military directional indicators, please take a picture and send it to us for posting and dissemination.

Thank you for participating in efforts to restore truth and freedom to our Republic.


3/04/09 on Texas Highway 580 westbound from Texas Highway 116

3/11/09 southbound on Texas Highway 116 out of Pidcoke, right at Texas Highway 580