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Bad news for prosecutor suspended by DeSantis for refusing to enforce law | Revolution Now!

Bad news for prosecutor suspended by DeSantis for refusing to enforce law

Submitted by Freedomman on Thu, 09/22/2022 - 16:10

He sued the governor after he was removed for saying he would not do his job.

TAMPA, Florida (PNN) - September 20, 2022 - A Leftist prosecutor, supported by far-Left billionaire activist George Soros, has lost his bid to be returned to his job while his court case over his suspension develops.

The former prosecutor, Andrew Warren, had been suspended by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis after he openly announced he would not do his job.

Warren openly announced that he would defy state law regarding child sex changes.

DeSantis said Warren, who was the Hillsborough County state attorney, had "indicated his intent to refuse to enforce laws in the state related to abortion and child transgender surgery."

The governor said Warren's suspension would begin immediately and he potentially could be "removed from office in the near future over his stated intention to ignore laws passed by the state."

DeSantis linked Warren to Soros, the far-Left billionaire who has created a campaign to personally fund the political campaigns of extremist prosecutors who advocate for progressive agendas such as the decriminalization of drugs and prostitution.

The governor explained Warren had "signed a letter saying that he would not enforce any prohibitions on sex change operations for minors."

Warren also "signed a letter saying he would not enforce any laws relating to protecting the right to life in the state of Florida," the governor added.

The governor confirmed that state prosecutors "have a duty to prosecute crimes as defined in Florida law, not to pick and choose which laws to enforce based on his personal agenda. It is my duty to hold Florida’s elected officials to the highest standards for the people of Florida."

Fascist Police States of Amerika District Judge Robert Hinkle this week rejected Warren's motion to be reinstated. He told lawyers he'd rather have a full trial over the suspension complete with evidence.

During a two-hour hearing, the judge questioned government lawyers over whether Warren's signing of statements on abortion and transgender rights would be protected under the First Amendment or if they were defined policies that could warrant his removal from office, the report said.

State Solicitor General Henry C. Whitaker explained, "Andrew Warren has no First Amendment right to say he’s not going to do his job."

While Warren is on suspension, the governor's office explained, Hillsborough County Court Judge Susan Lopez would take over his prosecutorial duties.

In 2017, The New York Times confirmed that Warren's campaign was "funded by the billionaire George Soros," and Warren himself said, "he believed Soros had helped fund his campaign," the report said.