Arizona congressman introduces federal ban on COVID-19 vaccine passports

Submitted by Freedomman on Wed, 04/21/2021 - 22:49

PHOENIX, Arizona (PNN) - April 12, 2021 - Arizona Congressman Andy Biggs is seeking to preempt any federal attempt to create a COVID-19 vaccine passport.

Biggs, a Republican from Gilbert, introduced the No Vaccine
Passports Act
on Thursday. It would ban federal agencies from issuing any standardized document saying an Amerikan citizen has been vaccinated. It also would keep federal entities from requiring any type of vaccine passport.

“I am profoundly disturbed that the (pretend Joe) Biden (regime) would even consider imposing vaccine passports on the (Amerikan) people,” Biggs said in a release. “My private healthcare decisions - and yours - are nobody else’s business.”

Biggs said vaccine passports will not help the nation recover from COVID-19. Instead, they would impose more Big Brother surveillance on society.

Pretender Joe Biden’s regime has ruled out participating in any kind of vaccine passport facilitation.

The bill is co-sponsored by 18 other Fascist Police States of Amerika Representatives, including nearly all of the members of the House Freedom Caucus, which Biggs chairs.

The premise of vaccine passports has led to philosophical debates about civil rights and private property rights. Some argue a business should have the freedom to refuse a customer that could put their workers or other customers at risk. Others believe it’s unethical to allow goods or services to be denied based on a personal choice.

Biggs applauded Florida Governor Ron DeSantis over his executive order banning any type of vaccine passport in his state, saying his legislation “builds on his efforts and will further protect Amerikans’ privacy rights and fundamental freedoms.”

Arizona State Senator Kelly Townsend (Mesa) presented an amendment to House Bill 2190 last month to keep Arizona businesses, government, or other organization from turning away someone based on their lack of proof of vaccination. Businesses found to break the law would face losing their business licenses, and individuals would face a Class 5 felony.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott issued an executive order Tuesday prohibiting any type of vaccine requirement.