America: a Hell of a Place to Live

Submitted by Freedomman on Fri, 07/31/2009 - 12:51

by Lee Parker

Man is unique in the animal kingdom in that he has the ability to create, through choice, that which he experiences. However, regardless of man’s claims to advanced technologies, there are some natural elements over which he has no control. Nevertheless, man’s ability to choose how to react to these natural elements makes him different than all other animals.

I am saddened by what man has created on Earth. Even with all his imagination, creativity and ability to create for good, man has instead created hell on Earth. Some would call that a natural outcome of the fall from grace. Others would say that Yahushua came to absolve us from that same fall. Ultimately, any response is secondary to the results of man’s creation on Earth. Today, human life on Earth is a living hell.

The united States of America was created with the hope that its Citizens would follow the principles enshrined in the founding documents that gave this country life. These documents were Divinely inspired and called for The People to be the rightful rulers of their own lives. They placed government in a subservient role to The People, who were given control of their own destinies. The Declaration of Independence was more than a break from Mother England, it was a break from the tyranny of having an outside source in control of the lives of individuals. It was a testament to the individual responsibility of self-governance.

The united States of America was a wonderful and hopeful creation of people who believed that men could take responsibility for their own lives and thereby attain their  most ambitious goals. With hard work, strong morals, and a limited government, the goal was for the Citizen to break free from the bonds placed on him by excessive taxation, control, and regulation by the government. All the tools necessary to create a free world and establish self-determination as a cornerstone of life were afforded the Citizens of these united states.

However, our forefathers’ dreams have become the nightmare that is the United States. Instead of individual freedom of self-expression and creativity, we have a federal government that is more tyrannical, controlling, and invasive than past governments. Through the abusive use of modern technology, today every American is scrutinized and controlled from birth to death. Those who oppose such invasiveness are often silenced and minimized in their attempts to warn the rest of America as to the inherent dangers of allowing their government to extend its powers beyond the constitutional limitations placed on it.

Instead of maintaining the gift of freedom that was given to us by our Creator, Americans have made a disaster of their country. Living in modern America is like living in hell. No longer are her citizens committed to high moral standards. The American people have accepted and even condone the destruction of our Founding Documents. Our Founding Fathers’ dreams have become an American nightmare.

Due to apathy and complaisance, average Joe American now represents all that is bad with our country. Instead of supporting the best in people, the United States, through those who have been elected to govern the country, brings out the very worst in the human race. Lying, cheating, stealing and killing are standard behaviors for the federal government, and it is American citizens who have allowed this spiritual poison to be unleashed on their country and the world.

The American People have failed to demand a moral government founded on the principles of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution for the United States. Without those governing documents to guide us, America has become dismal, unprincipled and oppressive. By allowing the principles enshrined in our founding documents to be violated, Americans, along with their oppressors, have sunk into the dark slime of tyranny. Americans have the ultimate power over the actions of those elected to run their country. By failing to act against it, they have become no better than the oppressive government that imposes its will on them.

Instead of taking action, Americans make excuses, complain and whine that elected politicians do not respond to their letters, faxes and phone calls. Instead of doing whatever is necessary to reinstate our founding documents, Americans hide their heads in the sand and continue to erroneously believe that theirs is the freest country on the face of the earth.

It is never too late to reinstate the principles of individual liberty and self-determination expressed in our founding documents. We the People can always act, even if Revolution is their only remaining course.

However, it is much easier for most people to do and risk nothing rather than acknowledge that the existing non-constitutional form of government in the United States no longer represents the best form of self-governance ever devised by man. It is easier to live the life of a slave than to admit that Americans have created a living hell that is both tyrannical and evil. It is easier to live a comfortable lie than face and ugly and unpleasant truth.

Rather than living in hell, will you be one of those who demand a return to the principles of the Declaration of Independence and Constitution for the United States? Will you do more that just talk about freedom and self-determination? Do you have the courage of your convictions? Will you do whatever is necessary to give your children a chance to live free?

I pray that you will.